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First a word about taking the proper precautions when working in, on, under, or around a car. Please be cognizant of the possible dangers that liquids, tools, and other things can present when using them. A case in point is what happened to Alexander one day while working on his T-bird.

•Brake Cleaner Inflammability

•Squashed Squarebirds

This Technical section is broken down in the order of how a car is built:
Body - Paint - Trim - Chassis - Final


Hardtop To A Convertible Conversion
Structural differences for anyone considering a conversion
•Squarebird Frame Differences by Bill Van Ess
-Chassis article on the differences between a hardtop and convertible in terms of
reinforcement of the chassis (or... why a convertible is not just a hardtop).
•Squarebird Frame Dimensions

Rocker Repair, Replacement & Parts
•Rocker Repair & Replacement
•Rocker Repair & Replacement
•Extended Rocker Panels-'58-'59-'60 Tbird-New Pair

•1955-2005 Tbird Paint Colors
•1955-1966 FLM&Tbird Paint Chips
•Painting & Welding Techniques
•Tbird OFS Engine Paint Colors
•Block Sanding & Buffing Your Car

Cowl Drains
•Cowl Drains
Inside of the splash pans behind each of the front wheels




'58-'60 Squarebird Carpet Replacement
•Squarebird Carpet Installation

Courtesy Lights


'60 Tbird Clock,
Radio, & Speedometer Service Manual

•'60 Tbird Radio, Speedometer & Clock Service Manual
It probably pertains to the '58 & '59 Tbirds also

Clock Conversion & Repair
•Converting an electro-mechanical clock to quartz
•Fix Your Own Clock M.H. Fox
in the May 1992 Skinned Knuckles, pp.12-17
•1958-1960 Squarebirds Clock Repair
•Clock Gasket
•Converting The Clock To A Tachometer
On A 1958, 1959 Or 1960 Thunderbird

Dash Gauges & CVR Unit
•Squarebirds Forum CVR/Paid Member Offer
•RT-Engineering IVR3 CVR Unit
Do NOT order the IVR4. It is not for our Tbirds.
•Resetting the Odometer on a 1958 1959 1960 Thunderbird
Gauge Repair Services
•Bird Nest Instrument Panel Gauge Repairs
•Williamsons Instrument Panel Gauge Repairs
•Instrument Gauge pointer color
How Gauges Work
•Heat-Activated Dashboard Gauges
•How To Remove CVR Unit From '66 Flairbird

Ranco Heater Valve
•Ranco Heater Valve Seal Replacement
Click on:
Blue HOW TO: Ranco Heater Valve Seal Replacement link
& follow instructions below it.

•Alexander Sosiak On Dashpad Replacement
It has been noted by several owners that these dashpad's
can be replaced without taking the metal frame out.
•Dennis Vieira-Dash Pad Replacement
•1976 VTCI Scoop Squarebird Dashpad Replacement
•Dashes Direct

Defroster Duct Improvements-1959-1966 Tbirds
•Squarebird Defroster Duct Improvement
•1959-1960 New Fiberglass Defroster Ducts

Door Seal Installation
•58-60 Tbird Door Seal Installation Instructions

Factory Radio
•1958 Manual For Factory Radio(Black Face)
(includes parts and wiring diagram) (model 84MS)
•1959 Manual For Factory Radio(White Face)
(includes parts and wiring diagram) (model 94MS)
•Squarebird Radio Power Supply Location
•Restoration & conversion to modern AM/FM stereo
Repairs - Barry Dalton
(JohnG got excellent results from him) No website
•Gary Tayman Radio Repair & Conversions

Glove Box Light
•Glove Box Light
How to fix or install one

Headlight Switch
•Squarebirds & FOMOCO Headlight Switch
•Flairbirds Headlight Switch

Headliner Installation
•Headliner & Staples Information

Heater Core Replacement/Repair - Bulletbirds
•1961 Tbird Heater Core Replacement/Repair

Insulation Information
This company provides insulation panels for 1955-1966 Tbirds.
•Quiet Ride

Map Light
•Maplight for 1958-1960 Thunderbird Convertible
This can also be used as a custom modification for your 1958-1960 Hardtop.

Power Door Window/Power Seat Motors
•Power Door Window & Power Seat Motor Repair
Applies to Power Window & Seat Refurbishing

Power Door Locks Conversion
•Bulletbirds & Squarebirds

Seat Belts
•1958-1960 Thunderbird Seatbelt Installation Sheets
•1958-1960 Tbird Step By Step Seat Belt Install Instructions
•Seatbelt Retainer Loop Reproduction
•Seat Belt Sources

Seat Cover Installation
•Seat Cover Installation

Steering Column & Steering Wheel
•1958-1960 Steering Wheel Breakout
•Detailed Info On Squarebird (& Other Tbirds) Fixing Drop Out Of Park Problem
•New & Revised Squarebird Steering Column & Horn & Power Steering
•1960 Automatic/Tranny Steering Wheel Breakout
•Steering Wheel Puller-photo and details
•1958-1959-1960 Thunderbird Steering Wheel Disassembly & Repair
•1958-1960 Steering Gear Breakout
•1962 Turn Signal Repair-Should also apply to 1961 & 1963 Tbirds

Detent Plate
•Shift Lever Detent Replacement (Alexander)
•See also Post #22 in this thread
•1959 COM Shift Linkage Adjustment
May also apply to the '58 & '60 and other years

Replacing 1961-1963 Shift Detent & Shift Lever
by Tom Gugilotta ~ Used With Permission
•Replacing '61-'63 Shift Detent & Shift Lever-Word
•Replacing '61-'63 Shift Detent & Shift Lever-PDF

•Adding a tachometer (Mel Waldorf)

Vacuum Operated Rear Vents ~ Flairbird
•Vacuum Operated Rear Vents-'64-'66 Flairbird

Vacuum Operated Emergency Brake Release ~ Flairbird
• Vacuum Operated Emergency Brake Release-'64-'66 Flairbird

•Squarebirds Power Window Glass Replacement Tip
•Squarebirds Power Window Switch Cleaning Tips
•Window Motor Wiring Pictures & Schematic
•Metal Window Rollers For All Tbirds & FOMOCO Cars
•Replacement Window Rollers
•Squarebirds Rear Quarter Window Adjustments


Continental Kits
•Continental Enterprises, 1955-1966 Tbirds

Fender Skirts
•1958-1960 Squarebird Fender Skirt Ford Part #'s:
Passenger side: B8S-6327974-A. Drivers Side: B8S-6327975-A.
In Ford Part Numbering, the Passenger side is always an even number.
•Thunderbird Fender Skirt Seals Installation

Tail Lights/Turn Signals
•1960 Squarebird Sequential Tail Light Flashers
Uses the after market Web Electric Product Sequential Turn Signal (STS-1) Modules. See below.
•Web Electric Products
(If you scroll far enough in Customer's Cars,
you will find John Mooney's 59 TBird and Alexander's 1960.
John's is provocatively decorated...)
•1958 Squarebirds Tail Light Wiring Configuration
•Flairbird Turn Signal Schematic
•1965-1968 Sequential Turn Signal Circuit
•1965-1971 Thunderbird Sequential Turn Signal Sequencer Kit

Unity Spotlight/Mirror
•Unity Mfg. Co. Spotlight/Mirror Information

•Bob's Classic Auto Glass
They have all the glass needs for our Tbirds,
including windshields, vent, front & back windows
and rear window glass.

Windshield Wipers & Washer
•Trico Wiper Motor Lub & Breakdown Pictures
•Clean Wipe Electric Wipers Installation Instructions
•Tips on installing electric wipers, including the switch
•Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement
•'59 Ford Galaxie (& Other Full Sized Fords) Electric Windshield Wiper Install
•Ficken Wiper Motor Rebuild & Wiper Parts
(631)587-3332 M-F 9-5 EST
•1958 1959 1960 Thunderbird Windshield Washers
•Windshield Washer Hose Layout
Picture layout of original Squarebird windshield washer.
Click HERE: •Original Windshield Washer System
  VTCI SCOOP article on converting present Squarebird vacuum
windshield washer slider switch from vacuum to electric:
•Converting Original vacuum Windshield Washer Switch To Electric

Wiring Diagrams
•1958-1968 Wiring Diagrams
•Multicolor Wiring Diagrams
•Accessory Wiring (Seats, Windows...)
•DC Motors 101-Dave Dare

C Pillar Emblems & Moldings
•Roof Molding Detailing For 1958 to 1959 Thunderbirds

Convertible Tops
•Making Convertible Top Test Wires
•1958 Convertible Top Adjustments
May also apply to 1959 Squarebird convertibles
& maybe to some extent, the 1960 also.

1960 Convertible Top Operation - MSL_M-201-Page 4-7
•1960 Convertible Top Operation-Page 4
•1960 Convertible Top Operation-Page 5
•1960 Convertible Top Operation-Page 6
•1960 Convertible Top Operation-Page 7
•Troubleshooting 1960 only Convertible Tops-1
•Troubleshooting 1960 only Convertible Tops-2
•'60 Tbird Convertible Top Diagram
•'60 Tbird Convertible Top Wiring 12 Relays Schematic
•1960 TBird Convertible Top 12 Relay Modification Kit
•1960-1966 Convertible Top Troubleshooting
•1960 Convertible Top Issues~Relays To Get To Fix Problems
•FREE 1961-1963 Convertible Top Manual
•Convertible Relay Replacement Systems
•Looking For Convertible Top System Parts?
Check their Online Store

• Fluid-Matic Convertible System Fill & Bleed Tool
•Replacement Relay Conversion-1960 Thunderbird
•1955-1966 Convertible Soft Top Installation Instructions

•1963-1966 Drums

Gas Tank
•Squarebird Gas Tank Replacement Procedures

•Trunk Droop
•Product Service Letter 393-2-Fixing Trunk Droop W/Adjustible Rubber Bumpers
The factory based droop in the trunk lid at the corners is discussed at length.
•Trunk Mat & Cardboard Installation for 1958 to 1960 Thunderbirds
•Trunk Light
•Trunk Seal
•1958-1960 Squarebird Trunk Release Instructions
•1960 Deck Lid Lock Cylinder Replacement
•1955-1957 Jack Assembly

Weak Hood & Trunk Springs Fix
•Weak Hood & Trunk Spring Quick Fix



Engines & Engine Bay

•High quality exhaust manifold gaskets

Rebuilding the Autolite 4100 4 Barrel Carburetor
Mike's Carburetor Parts Videos
•Autolite 4100 Rebuild - Part 1
•Autolite 4100 Rebuild - Part 2
•Autolite 4100 Testing The Check Ball
•Autolite 4100 Secondary Diaphragm
•Autolite 4100 Carburetor Kit 438
•Download The Autolite 4100 Carburetor Rebuild E-Manual Here
•Ford Forum, especially carburetors
•Another Ford Carb Forum
Little Bird Four Barrel Carburetors
•The Holley 4000 "Teapot" Carburetor
•Carb CFM Calculator
•1958-1960 Tbird Air Cleaner Differences

FE - Engines

•Engine rebuild

Valve Seal Replacement
•Dennis Vieira-Valve Seal Replacement
•Replacing Rear Main Seal Without Removing Crank
On A 1958, 1959 & 1960 Thunderbird 352 Engine

352CI Engine
•"FE" Engine Bore & Stroke Measurements
•The Engine Fastener Site
Cylinder head bolts, freeze plugs, flywheel bolts, main bolts,
rod bolts, stainless steel engine fastener kits and more.

390CI Engine
•The Engine Fastener Site
Cylinder head bolts, freeze plugs, flywheel bolts, main bolts,
rod bolts, stainless steel engine fastener kits and more.

428CI Engine
•The Engine Fastener Site
Cylinder head bolts, freeze plugs, flywheel bolts, main bolts,
rod bolts, stainless steel engine fastener kits and more.

MEL - Engine
430CI Engine
•430MEL Engine Date Code Location
Should also apply to Tbird 430MEL Engines
Lincoln Parts International-800-382-1656
•Technical Info Courtesy Of Ford MEL
Differences Between 430MEL Engines
•430MEL Engine Mounts

Air-Conditioning Installation
•1960 Squarebird A/C Install
If you do not have A/C in your Tbird
& you can find a good Tbird A/C unit,
here is how to install it.
May also apply to the '58 & '59 Tbird
And here is how to properly service it!
•1958 Ford & Squarebird AC Service Instructions
Right Click on it and select Save As to save it to your PC
•1960 Tbird AC Service Instructions
It probably pertains to the '59 Tbirds also
•1964 Tbird MPC AC Parts Break Out
•CVF Ford FE 352/390 AC Bracket Instructions Rev C

Alternator & Generator
•How to troubleshoot your generator charging system
•Understand & troubleshoot Your Generator
•Generator Repairs
Great photos and discussion
•PowerGen - Alternator In A Generator Case
A 75A alternator that looks like a generator
•Alternator Conversion
Discussed in this Squarebirds thread on 11-06-2006 by Alexander and others
•3 Wire vs 1 Wire Alternators & Generators
The pros and cons of 3 wire vs 1 wire generators is discussed at length
•Selecting The Right Tbird Alternator
also see:
•Ford Muscle (membership required)
•Generator To Alternator Conversion
•430MEL Generator Mounting Bracket Alignment
•MARCH Performance-Mounting Brackets & Pulleys For FE Engines
• C.R.A.P. 352 Aftermarket Gen to Alt Low Mounted Mounting Bracket
For 352CI Engines with NO tapped hole on the face of the block to mount an alternator.
•CVF 352/390 Aftermarket High Mounted Alternator Mounting Bracket

Get a Group 27F battery, with a minimum 1000 CCA (cold cranking amps).
• Battery Replacement Information

Cooling System

Fan Shrouds, Fan Blades & Electric Fans
•Bird Nest ABS Fan Shroud
The Bird Nest has an ABS fan shroud that requires no modifications to be made.
It is less expensive and some say better.
•The Mystery of the 1960 Thunderbird Fan Shroud
(see Squarebird's Forums for discussion of installation. Some of us are using the metal shrouds early 60's Galaxies, which also had FE motors. They require some modification for mounting onto the TBird engine compartment, but not a lot).
•Electric Fan Information

Overflow & Radiator Supply Tank
•The Purpose Of A Radiator Cap
•Expansion Tank Repairs

Fuel Pumps & Filters
•1960 Ford Thunderbird Fuel Filter

Ignition Components
•How the ignition system works on a V8 engine
•Using an oscilloscope to analyze your ignition
•MSD (coils, billet distributors, hi tech ignition systems)
•Pertronix (Flamethrower, Ignitor I & II)
•Pertronix Systems
Lots of information about Pertronix systems including what coil parameters to check

•Neutral Switch Adjustment
Additional information on adjustment of the neutral safety switch
when installing a detent plate (or any other time!)

PCV Conversions
•PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve Conversion
For 1958, 1959 & 1960 Thunderbird With 352cid Engine

Power Steering
•1961-1964 Power Steering System MPC Parts Breakout
•Squarebird Power Steering Rebuild & New Seals Kit
•New & Revised Squarebird Power Steering, Steering Column & Horn
•CVF 352/390 PS Bracket Instructions Rev C
•CVF 352/390 PS Bracket Instructions Rev F

•Starter Repairs
•Easy Fix For 1958-1964 Big Block Ford Starter Failures
•Ford Flywheels & Flexplates

Vacuum Hose Routing ~ Squarebirds
•352ci Vacuum Hose Routing


1958 Squarebirds Rear Suspension provided by Ken ~ GTE427
•'58 Tbird Rear Suspension Noise
•'58 Tbird Rear Suspension Noise-2
•'58 Tbird Rear Suspension Upper Arm & Bushing Assembly
For more information on this subject go to this link.
•'58 Rear Suspension Discussion
•'58 Tbird Rear Suspension Parts
•1958-1960 Rear Shocks Replacement Procedure
•1958 Tbird Rear Suspension Noise Service Letter

Air Suspension For Your Squarebird
Converting your Squarebird to air suspension front & back?
Check this out!
•Convert To Air Suspension

Brakes & Replacement Hard Lines & Hoses
•Bench Bleed Master Cylinder Tool & Procedures
•'60 Tbird Power Brakes & Power Steering Service
It probably pertains to the '58 & '59 Tbirds also
•How to Cut, Flare & Bend Cunifer Brake Line

Disc Brakes Conversions
•Combination valves usable on TBirds
•Disc Brake Conversion discussions
(very lengthy...tons of information)
•Gary Hamm Disc Brake Conversion
•Rick Nolen Disc Brake conversion for Squarebirds
•MBM Technical Bulletin & Troubleshooting Guide
•Disc Brake Ready Rims (incl part #s)
•14" Disc Brake Ready Rim Specifics
•Marcelo's Dual MC/Dual 8" Power Booster/Front Disc Brake Conversion
•Randy Harsha~Randy & Dave Dare~simplyconnected Squarebird Booster Retrofit

Control Arms
•Control Arm Bushings
(especially rear of '58 problem)
•Control Arm Installation

Master Cylinder
•1961-1966 Tbird MC Upgrade

Power Booster Rebuilds
•Booster Dewey Exchange

Rims, Wheels & Wheel Covers
•Bolt Hole Patterns
How to measure and determine bolt hole patterns on rims
•Wheel Vintiques
•MRT Wheels
•Squarebird Wheel Covers
•Sun Ray Appliqué Attachment-The Better Way

•Salguod Suspension Rebuild

Leaf Springs - New Stock
•EATON Detroit Springs

•McVeigh Truck Springs
Leaf Springs For Our Tbirds

Sway Bars
•Thunderbirds Southwest Heavy Duty Sway Bars
•'54-'57-'59-'66 Heavy Duty Anti-Sway Bar Front & Back Installation Instructions
Heavy Duty Anti-Sway Bar will not fit on '58 Squarebird with OEM coil springs rear end
Provided by Lance Herrington of Thunderbirds Southwest
Click on link to open or right click to save to Save Target As to Desktop
Contact Lance Herrington for ordering information
Or check the Advertisements Forum for other sources
•Flairbird Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar Installation Instructions

•Tire Size Explained
•Discount Tire Calculator
•Miata Tire Calculator
•Determining the age of a tire
•Coker Tires
•Diamondback Classic Tires

Trailer Hitches
•Draw-Tite Trailer Class I Trailer Hitch for 1958-1960 Tbirds

Exhaust systems
•Flowmaster mufflers
You can listen to the various mufflers over the web!
(see sound clip next to muffler photos)

Axles & Rear Ends
•Dennis Vieira-Solving Rear End Leaks
•Eric Taylor~DKheld~Replacing A Rear Wheel Seal

•Fordomatic Fundiments Of Operation

•History Of The Cruise-O-Matic Transmission
•The Fordomatic Transmission
•Page 1-Transmission Pressure Test Port
Page 2-Proper Gear Selection

•Transmission Bell Housing Bolt Patterns
•COM Tranny Operation & Fixes
Transmission Shift Selecter Seals
•Tranny Shift Selector Seals
•COM Diagnostic Chart
How To Identify Automatic Transmissions & Related Parts
•Page 1
•Page 2
•Page 3
Cruise-O-Matic Measurements To Determine Model Indentification
•Basic Model Indentification
•Length Of Case
•Ford Cruise-O-Matic 3-Speed Transmission
Rebuild Pix by Dave Dare
•COM Tranny Shaft Seal Replacement
•C6 Tranny Identification

•Paul's Chrome (PA)
•'59 Tbird Engine
•'60 Rear Chrome "Hash Marks" Location
•Hotrodders High Performance Kits
Southwest Chrome Plating, Inc.,
San Antonio, TX 210-658-8087
•Spectre Chrome - Spray On Chrome


Oil and Oil Filters
•Dennis Vieira
Oil Changes Instructions ~ For 1958-1959-1960 Thunderbirds
•Reader's Poll: Your Oil Brand and Weight
Oil filter study of 20 different filters
•Final opinions on oil filters
352ci Squarebird Oil Dipstick Length ~ Prior to 4/1/60
According to the Ford MPC, the dipstick should be:
19.59 inches (49.7586cm) Shield to End
18.59 inches (47.2186cm) Shield to Add
17.55 inches (44.577cm) Shield to Full

Thunderbird Tune-Up & Lube Charts
'58 352CI, '59-'60 352CI & 430CI, & '64-'66 390CI Engines
•Tune Up Charts-'58-'60 & '64-'66 Tbirds
•1958-1960 Tune Up & Lube Chart
•1958 Lube Chart

Spring Start Up Tips
•Dennis Vieira-Spring Start Up Tips


Sources For Parts
Common Tbird Parts
•Tbird Parts
Most all companies who carry New, NOS, Reproduction or Used T-bird parts
are listed in this Forum. Please check there for company and contact information.

Convertible Parts
•Tbird Convertible Parts
•Thunderbird Ranch - John Draxler
John has a ton of Technical Tips on his web site regarding
conversions, repairs and many other things. Check it out.
•The Bird Nest - 800-232-6378
•Convertible Parts (New March '09)

Golde Top Parts & Repairs
•ASC Automotive Styling
Possible Golde Top parts source
•1960 Thunderbird Sunroof (Golde Top)Sliding Roof Panel Replacement
•Sliding Roof Panel Replacement PDF File
•Golde Top Repair Instructions PDF File
Additional Golde Top Repair Information
•Sunroof Kit-Page 1
•Sunroof Kit-Page 2
•BMW Stocks Golde Top Parts

Specialized Parts
•McMaster-Carr-Specializes in many different parts
•McMaster-Carr-Rubber Grommets
Catalog Pages 3744-3748 cover grommets.
You can change the catalog page number at the top & hit Enter Key

Big Fords

•Dennis Vieira-Y-Block Engines
Although the title applies to the Babybirds, you will see that it applies
to other Ford cars of that era that ran the Y-Block engines.

Data & Resource Library On Thunderbirds (1958-1966)

•John Rotella's Thunderbird Registration Form
Click on link to register or update your Tbird
on the Thunderbird Registry.

If you are checking on the status of your Tbird
or to see if some other VIN # is registered in the Thunderbird Registry,
use THIS •John Rotella's Thunderbird Registry link to do so.
Not the Registration Form link.

Automotive Mile Posts

Thunderbird Production Numbers
1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966
Thunderbird Specifications
1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966
Thunderbird Exterior Paint Colors
1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966
Thunderbird Interior Trim
1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966
Thunderbird Standard Equipment
1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966
Thunderbird Optional Equipment
1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966

Decoding Casting Numbers
The location of all the casting numbers can be found in the current version of
VTCI's concourse rules. The rules also decode the dates.
•Ford Decode and also Steve Christ's book on FEs

•Data Plate Break Down
•Replacement Data Plates

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number Location
•VIN # Location-1955-1957
•VIN # Locations-1958-1960
•More VIN # Locations- 1958-1960
•Photos VIN # Locations-1958-1960
•VIN # Locations-1961-1967
•VIN # Locations-1961-1966-Text Description

Checking 10 Digit 1946-1980 VIN Numbers
•Vin Wiz ~ Check 10 Digit VIN Numbers

•Tom Maruska's New Website
At the bottom of his new website you will find the Technical section,
which is chock full of information regarding ROT/Build Sheet explanations,
Engine weights, Part # Decoder, Convertible Electrical Diagrams, Paint Color Chips,
Wiring Diagrams and '58-'66 Body Parts, and more.
Tom's email address: tpls63"at sign"(@) Check it out!

Looking for a source for '61-'66 Tbird mechanical/technical pictures?
•Check Out Jim Wulf's Tbird Garage!

Books, Magazines And Other Publications


Thunderbird 50 Years by Alan Tast & David Newhardt Motorbooks 2004

Thunderbird, 1955-66 (American Classics) Alan Tast

High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange 221-CID to George Reid

Ford - TBird Shop Manuals
Available through any Tbirds Parts House, as are many of these books in this list.

Jim Osborne "1959 Thunderbird Body, Trim & Sealant" and
"1959 Thunderbird Electrical Assembly Manual"

1962 Bulletbird Manuals

•FREE 1962 Bulletbird Electrical Assembly Manual

•FREE 1962-1963 Bulletbird Shop Manual

•FREE 1962 Body Interior Assembly Manual

1949-59 Ford Parts Book (Look for it on a CD)

MRE Books

Ford Factory Manuals

Automotive Mile Post Tbird Reference

Thunderbird: An Odyssey In Automotive Design
William P. Boyer 1986 Taylor Publishing Co.,Dallas

Thunderbird Restoration Guide 1958-66 William Wonder
Also published in 1997 by Motorbooks International Highly recommended!!
Much sample material may be found at: Sample Material

T-BIRD: 40 Years of Thunder John Gunnell (ed) 1995 Krause Publications

How To Rebuild Big Block Ford Engines (FE & FT) Steve Christ HP Books 1983.
Must reading if you are rebuilding your 352 or 390 FE

•Old Car Manual Project
A generally remarkable resource


•1958 Service
"The Ford Mechanic January 1958 Service Forum No. 4 Thunderbird Service"

•Skinned Knuckles
"The monthly magazine for the old car repairer and restorer, in its 32nd year."

New! The actual article is available (in 2 pdf files, scanned in):
•"June 1958 Hot Rod Magazine-TBird Test Ride 1"
•"June 1958 Hot Rod Magazine-Tbird Test Ride 2"

"June 1993 Collectible Automobile pp. 24-27 1958 Convertible"

"Oct 2006 Hemming's Classic Car pp.66-72 Restoration of a 1960 Sunroof" "One of 377"

"June 1995 Auto Restorer pp. 28-35 on a 1958 convertible"

January 1984 SuperFord Magazine.
"Special Thunderbird issue including an article on William P. Boyer"

•Thunderbird Illustrated Magazine Articles

Vintage Thunderbird Club, International, Inc. Scoop Magazine Technical Articles
•Letters to the Editor - Feb-Mar 1991 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•Concours Survival Hints - Jul-Aug 1991 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•Tubeless Tires & Wire Wheels - Sep-Oct 1991 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•DASHED HOPES: Tips for Replacing '61-'63 Dash Pads - Nov-Dec 1991 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•1964-1966 Interior/Exterior Combinations - May-Jun 1993 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•Mystery of the Decal Residue - May-Jun 1993 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•Replacement Tires & R-12 Freon - Jan-Feb 1998 - Alan H. Tast, AIA
•T-Bird Q & A - May-Jun 1993 - Larry Gardner
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-Feb-Mar 1991
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-April 1991
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-May-June 1991
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-Jul-Aug 1991
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-Sep-Oct 1991
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-Nov-Dec 1991
•Wonder-ful World Of William Wonder 1961-1963 Bulletbirds-Jan-Feb 1992

Your Tbird Value Calculator
•Tbird Value Calculator


•Alexander's 1960 Golde Top project
Includes a brief movie of him getting the motor running for the first time!

1960 Thunderbird Concours Grade Restoration Project
Owner/Restorer: Tom Young 12/29/2002
•Tom Young
A view of Tom Young's concours restoration of his Squarebird

•Kevin Hanson's turquoise 59 convertible project (and great house in VT!)
•Kevin Hanson's turquoise 59 convertible project

•Pa-Bob's great website on the story of his 59 Convertible.
Lots of great information! (Bob has great TBird hats for sale, too!)

Historical Events & Information

•The Last '60 Tbird Off The Production Line
•Alexander Sosiak 2002 Retro Bird Test Drive
In 2001, Alexander introduced a just off the production line 2002 Retro Bird to his original 1959 Squarebird. Here you have the chance to see rare video clips of Alexander driving the Retro Bird.

•1960 Thunderbird Build (ROT) Sheet
•1960 Thunderbird Carburetor Tag
•Dealer Nameplates
•1960 T-Bird Engine ID Tag
•1960 Thunderbird Golde Top Computer Cards
•Sample Of A 1960 Thunderbird Service Policy
•Sample Of A 1960 Thunderbird Window Sticker

Buying A Tbird? Check Out Our Vehicle Check List Before You Do!
•Vehicle Quick Check Sheet - Excel
•Vehicle Quick Check Sheet - PDF
•Vehicle Inspection Sheet - Detailed - In Word
The following article is published with their permission.
•7 Deadliest Mistakes When Buying A classic Car


Transporting A Tbird? Check This Out Before You Contract With One!
•Auto Transport Companies

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Last Modified: 24 November, 2021


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