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The Paint Reference website provides an excellent Auto/Truck/Fleet Paint Cross Reference for your use! From the link below you can select any car manufacturer, and then the make and the year of the automobile from 1929 to 2017!
Paint Reference Main Website

Since most of us are interested in Ford Thunderbirds, here are the links from 1955-1966. Should you like later years, you will also find the links from 1967-2017! In addition to the information below providing Color Chips for each year of Tbird, they also paint show chips for the general Ford, Capri, England, Lincoln, Mercury, Truck, their exterior, and interior paint chips, and in some cases, engine paint chips. You can click on each chip, if you wish and save it to your computer, as I have. You may also want to read the excellent information provided by Alan Tast in his article in this section of the TRL regarding Tbird paints. For those of you on this Forum that own other cars than Fords, this should be of great assistance to you also in matching up paint... Here are the 1955-1966 links for you. Scroll down each webpage to see the Paint Chip files.

1955FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1956FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1957FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1958FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1959FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1960FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1961FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1962FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1963FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1964FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1965FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips
1966FLM-n-Tbird Paint Chips

Created: September 24, 2017

Last Edited: September 24, 2017

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