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New 1959-1960 Squarebird Fiberglass Defroster Ducts Are Available!

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  • New 1959-1960 Squarebird Fiberglass Defroster Ducts Are Available!

    Thanks to Kevin ~ shopguy, here in San Antonio, he has been documenting his restoration work he is doing on Matt's ~ mtbird60 '60 430MEL Tbird. I have already posted one of his Tech Tips in the TRL regarding replacing a broken dipstick. I have just posted it under the DASH section in the TRL. Look for the Defroster Duct Improvements-1959-1966 link. In the course of doing this, I saw that Kevin had written that Mark had obtained a set of fiberglass defroster ducts from Carl Heller, which happened to be the only set that he had. In the course of conversation I found out that they used to be made by Pat Wilson's Tbird parts and THEY STILL ARE! I just talked with Pat, and he confirmed they are still available for the 1959-1960 Squarebird, and they are $89.95 for a pair, in fiberglass, NEW! The website says 1, but he confirmed that is 1 pair.. They do not have any available for the 1958 Squarebird. They also have them used for the 1961-1966 Tbirds sold in pairs. Also they have the hoses in stock too. I LOVE it when networking works! So here is the link.

    Now I want to take this one step further. Initially, I, Carl and Kevin were kicking around the idea of someone with a 3D Printer making hard to find Tbird parts and marketing them.. There are parts that are made of unobtainium these days that someone with a 3D Printer could be making and marketing. Does anyone on the Forum have, or have available to them, a 3D Printer? If so, please let me know...
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