Sequential Tail Light Project

I have thought of using the sequential tail light kit by WebElectric Products on my 1960 Thunderbird to make this a Squarebird version of the 1965 Thunderbird onward type of sequential turn signal. The inner back up light would be replaced with a red tail light lens in this conversion or you can use a red bulb or red cap for the clear bulb.


To get all six tail lights to have parking lights, you will need an additional two filament bulb socket for the inner tail lights. You can use the existing one filament backup light socket for the signal light, but it will not light up for the parking lights at night.

Sequencing (STS) Control Module


Male connector enlarged


Parking Light Link


Wiring diagram with control switch


Wiring diagram without control switch - Brake lights will sequence once, then remain steady.


Sequencing Control Module Installed


STS Module Ground Connection on "Waffle" Bolt


These caps are used to cover the backup light bulb so it appears red.


This was a very easy installation.

Below is an actual video clip of the sequential tail lights in operating on my 1960 Thunderbird.

If the above video does not load, click here to view it.

This is a link to a movie of Eric Jones's 1960 Thunderbird with this sequential tail light conversion - Click here (1722668 bytes - may take a long time to load on dial-up).


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