I bought my Squarebird in the fall of 2003

and registered it in the Thunderbird Registry.

Take a look - it's number 11281.


I've gotten a lot of support from the discussion group on Squarebirds.org.

 Check it out.


Automotive Mileposts has some excellent information on features and options.


This is the data plate on the door jamb:

This is the ROT I found in the back seat:


The speedometer says 76,050 miles which probably is 176,050.  (This is based on the shifter being pretty loose)

It originally had a 352 cu in engine in it (code "H") with a Cruise-O-Matic.  Now it has a '66 390 cu in engine.  Everything from the old engine is bolted up to it (generator, power steering pump, radiator expansion tank, and transmission).


Changed the oil for the first time starting in November  and finishing December '03.  Here is what the oil filter looked like after I finally got it off the engine with a 3' pipe wrench.

I have it registered and have gotten a "low" number for it.  Unfortunately it is not quite ready to put on the road yet.


 I need to do some work underneath including the rocker panels  front frame, and rear frame.


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