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Ford Announces New EV Tbird!

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Ford Announces New EV Tbird!


    From Bill Pugnetti ~ FINSRIN Interesting yes --- but getting way too many negative vibes.

    IT'S BACK! Ford CEO Reveals The Return Of The Ford Thunderbird! - YouTube

    Ford filed to trademark “Thunderbird” in January of 2021, and as Ford Authority exclusively reported this past May, the automaker is considering bringing back its iconic model as a possible Corvette rival.

    Different pic of what it might look like. The first one above might be what it will look like. The next link states 2028 as the introduction date.​
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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
    • 17057

    Apparently, the comments made by CEO Jim Farley of Ford in the previous email I sent out are accurate.

    Quotes by Ford CEO Jim Farley
    The lucrative ICE business funds the high costs of research and development establishing a battery electric business for all automakers.

    "We're going to have dozens of new electric vehicles that no one has ever seen before. We're working on them now. And that's why we're setting up battery plants," Farley told the Free Press. "This team is working on, not only the development of the vehicles and the platforms — the braking systems, the battery systems, the inverters, the motors — but they're also working on sourcing all of those."

    Ford is planning to get new products to market by 2026, not 2030, Farley said. "We want to give people the idea that we're moving quickly."

    So far neither I, as (an officially recognized and Ford approved Tbird Forum) Administrator or Brian Carron (ex-STTC President) also as CTCI President have been contacted by Ford for input on what the new Tbird should look like. It appears it will be an addition to the newly created Model-e division under CEO Jim Farley. An all electric Tbird version. It could also come under the Model-Blue division of gas powered/electric Hybrids, but probably not since Ford seems to be headed in the all electric direction. It does appear that they intend to make it a 2 passenger model.

    So far I have not seen or received a lot of comments regarding this except for some negative comments. Such as "if it is an all electric Tbird don't bother making it because I will not buy it." If Ford is smart they will contact all previous Tbird owners, major International Club Presidents and Tbird Forum administrators and ask for their input from their members as to what it should look like. What powers it; 2 passenger; 4 passenger; Sporty looking; or in the mold of the 1958-1960 or 1964-1966 Tbirds. We will have to see if they care enough to obtain input from that vast field of Tbird owners. A major complaint regarding EV cars is finding charging stations across the Country that can recharge your EV in 2-3 hours instead of 8+ hours. Then there is the problem of replacing these charging stations with power from wind turbines, or solar panels and getting rid of coal powered power generation facilities as certain parts of our Country are wont to do. What happens to the charging stations if there is no wind or Sun? Many Tbird owners across the Nation drive their gas powered 1955-2005 Tbirds halfway or more across this Nation on a regular basis to attend Car events. Some in our own Tbird Club and Forum! They don't want to drive 300 miles and search for a charging station every time they need to recharge... Here is some info on charging stations.

    About 3 in 4 public chargers are Level 2 connections. It might take 1-2+++ hours to charge up. There are more than 50,000 public charging locations across the U.S.

    Level 3/DC fast charging: Fastest, but not needed for everyday use.

    The fastest charging speeds are on Level 3 chargers, also called DC fast charging, or DCFC. You can add hundreds of miles of range in as little as 30 minutes.

    You’ll only find these chargers at commercial charging stations due to the high-power connections.

    Something else to be concerned about are the video's showing EV vehicles catching on fire at a commercial EV charging station. Something you certainly would not like to see happen to your new EV Tbird! So these are some of the concerns that people have regarding owning and driving an EV vehicle.

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    • simplyconnected
      • May 26 2009
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      You would think that a brand new system, something we have never had in the past, would come with plenty of planning.
      Where is the plan? The guys calling the shots have no clue. Our government is handling this just like their Afghan pullout, demanding vehicles before the infrastructure is bolstered.
      Our power grid is not ready for EV's demand (capacity). California is asking residents to NOT charge their EV's because their grid is barely able to maintain the service they offer residents.
      Battery prices are far too prohibitive for the average family to own an EV and the battery supply comes from CHINA I'm reminded that the USA has plenty of oil to support all of our transportation needs. To think that we will replace every gas station's power output with electric power is insane.
      Check out the price of copper wire. It has quadrupled since before the pandemic.
      50,000 stations? My small suburban city would need more than that WITHOUT truck and bus EVs.

      The elephant in the room is the fact that we can store gasoline energy in convenient compact containers for use at a later time or place. At 30-mpg, I only need to store ten gallons of gas for a 300 mile trip and the fill-up takes only a few minutes, not hours. Two 5-gallon cans fit nicely in my trunk. Try that with battery backup.

      Personally, I don't see EV's happening en mass for decades. There will be a few, much like the first time we tried electric cars or steam cars. Gasoline power is immediate, it can be inexpensive and it is very convenient because it ruled supreme for decades with government regulations and our auto companies conformed. Now, they want to change the rules again.
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      • YellowRose

        • Jan 21 2008
        • 17057

        I was sent this in email recently from Thunderbird Specialties. Maybe they are right, who knows. The Ford Head Honcho in an interview recently did say they were bringing back the Tbird... FLM is reportd to have ended production of gas powered sedan cars to concentrate on the EV SUV and Truck market. However, it is being reported that the Tbird, if it comes out, will be like the 2024 Mustang a gas powered car. There are reports that both may be Hybrid units in the near future. Some years back there was a company out west that was modifying Retrobirds to the owners desires. This may be related to that. I dunno..

        Here is some additional information I came up with regarding this supposed new Tbird. No one seems to know what it will look like, but they have come up with what they think it might look like.

        2024 Tbird?
        #fordthunderbird #ford #cars Ford has discontinued all low-riding vehicles in the United States with the exception of the GT and the most recent Mustang, whi...

        Prepare to witness the spectacular return of the Ford Thunderbird! We delve into the intricacies of the Thunderbird's rebirth, as revealed by Ford CEO Jim Fa...

        Introducing ... The 2024 Ford Thunderbird!

        We’re proud to introduce the 2024 Ford Thunderbird!

        Available by ‘Special Order’ only. This offering allows you to ‘Create’ your own custom 2024 Thunderbird, choosing the options and special features you want. Far beyond just a choice of exterior colors
        and interior color and trim combinations, this new program actually allows you to create a
        unique new body style, incorporating the exterior design elements and options you want,
        making your new Thunderbird a ‘one-of-a-kind’ custom Show Car!

        This new Thunderbird is based on research and concept renderings created over 22 years ago by Automotive Design Legend,James R. Powers in conjunction with Jack Telnack, former Chief of
        Design for Ford Motor Company

        James R. Powers Jack Telnack

        It is literally a ‘Concept Car’ that has been brought into production!
        Click Here to be added to the Interest List Now!

        Please note that there is $ 5 Fee for your name to be added to the ‘Interest List’ ONLY, and NOT the price of the vehicle itself or any printed brochures or other hard-copy materials. This is currently an ‘Interest List’ only. Further details will be provided ONLY to seriously interested Thunderbird owners or prospective customers.

        ‘Pre-screened’ prospective buyers will receive future updates via email as they become available.
        Printed brochures will become available at a later date for additional fees at prospective buyer’s sole option.
        This offering does NOT constitute an obligation to purchase a new vehicle or any other printed materials or brochures.

        This is a Strictly-Limited program that may be withdrawn at any time. Payment of the ‘Interest List’ fee is non-refundable and
        does NOT in any way guarantee that this vehicle, or any of the offered components will be available to all interested parties.

        Click Here to be added to the Interest List Now!

        Copyright 2023 - Powersport Thunderbird Specialties, Inc.

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