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Thunderbird & Big Fords Picture Gallery

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  • YellowRose
    Thunderbird & Big Fords Picture Gallery

    Hi Rusty, pick out your best pix and send them to me in email. Depending on how many you have, you might have to put them in more than one email, but I will go through them and put them to good use. Thanks!

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  • RustyNCa
    Photo Request

    Ray, how many to you want? I could send you photos I have of the inside, underside and engine bay of our 65 Special.


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  • Dan Leavens
    Ray was just surfing on your requests for pixs. Do you still have the e-mail that I ( Marg ) sent on the write up of our 58 in The Calgary Herald?? If so, there are some inside shots of the interior of Maggie that you can use.

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  • YellowRose
    Thunderbirds & Big Fords Picture Gallery

    I need some HELP! I have pretty well flushed out the Tbirds & Big Fords Picture Gallery, as you can see if you have visited it. I am lacking some, to a lot, of pix in various categories. Here is what I need more of from ya.

    Original Interior '58 pix
    Modified Interior '58 pix
    Customized Interior '58 pix

    Modified '59 Car pix
    Original Interior '59 pix
    Modified Interior '59 pix
    Customized Interior '59 pix

    Modified Interior '60 pix
    Customized Interior '60 pix

    Original '61thru '66 Car pix
    Modified '61 thru '66 Car pix
    Customized '61 thru '66 Car pix
    Original Interior '61 thru '66 pix
    Modified Interior '61 thru '66 pix
    Customized Interior '61 thru '66 pix

    Original Trunk pix '58 thru '66 pix
    Modified Trunk pix '58 thru '66 pix
    Customized Trunk pix '58 thru '66 pix

    Power Train - Engines - Trannys - Rear End '58 thru '66 pix

    Specific Engine pix
    '58-'59 332 Export
    '58-'59 352 Export
    '59-'60 430MEL
    '60 352 Interceptor Export
    '60 352 Special
    '61-'66 390 Export
    '61-'66 Tbird 390 Special
    '62-'63 390 Hi Performance
    '66 Tbird 428

    Any Modified engine pix
    Any Customized engine pix
    Any Big Ford engine pix

    There is my shopping list! Please email me anything you have and I will add them to the appropriate gallery. Thanks!

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  • YellowRose
    Thunderbird & Big Fords Picture Gallery

    Yup, Anders, it blew me away also to see a Hatchback Bulletbird! I am nearly finished construction the picture gallery. I just put what I had in the way of engines in. Next I will work on Trunks, but I am headed for a snooze for awhile! I could use more engine and trunk pix, and pix for any year that does not have any pix in them. So fire away at me and send me some pix. I have about run out of what I have! I hope you will enjoy what I have put together!
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  • Anders
    It does!
    Totally awesome!

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  • YellowRose
    Check Out Custom '62 Bulletbird!

    Go to the link cited in the initial post below, click on Custom 1962 and see if this customized Tbird blows your mind!
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  • YellowRose
    started a topic Thunderbird & Big Fords Picture Gallery

    Thunderbird & Big Fords Picture Gallery

    After discussion with our webmaster, Dave ~ simplyconnected, it was decided to create a new sub-forum for this subject. So here it is!

    Cathie ~ coral provided a list of Picture Gallery software that we might want to use to manage our Thunderbird and Big Ford pictures with. I chose one that is Windows and Mac OS X capable and have used it. After talking it over, Dave suggested we run the gallery on the server, inside the Forum. I thought that was a good idea.

    Dave provided space on our Squarebirds server to set up and upload the pix to. I have been working on that for the past several days. He introduced me to FileZilla, a neat and simple FTP process. I have been using it and like it a lot. So far, I have the Original, Modified & Customized 1958-1966 and Big Ford galleries set up. I am working on the Interiors gallery now.

    I had some conversations with administrators regarding what constitutes an original car. For the purposes of this gallery, if a car looks original on the outside, I am considering it to be an Original car. If it has KH rims, non-original wheel covers, a spotlight/mirror, continental kit, or a tonneau cover, or other exterior modifications taking it out of the original status, I am considering it to be Modified. I am accepting cars with left and right mirrors as Original. I know of several Original cars that are still original today, that have both mirrors on them. One is Greg Prince's '60 Squarebird, about as original car as you can get.

    You can access the gallery by clicking on the link below and selecting the Class and Year you wish to browse through. You can click on the thumbnail pix to make them bigger and advance the gallery by either clicking on the picture or the arrows above it. Please let me know what you think of this set up. I have made this a sticky thread so you can always find it at the top of the Forum.

    Here is the link to the gallery.
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