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Did the admins change something on the forum setup?

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  • Did the admins change something on the forum setup?

    Just wondering, since today was the first time in well a long time that I've been able to even login in on the forums?


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    Most likely you've been going to the unsecured page where logins are not allowed. If your URL has "Https" then you are on the secured page and you will be able to login. I suggest you bookmark it so you will always go to the secured page.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Bryan, click on the Articles item in the green border next to Donate To Site. There you will see what all our great Webmaster, and us Administrators have been doing this year to update the software, make it more able to handle those using more modern technology, put us on a newer and better server, and have just secured the Forum...

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        It's time we explain the many changes that took place over the past couple weeks. The reason for the change was to ensure security for our site. Every time we do changes like this I expect there will be some glitches and consequences. It's not a simple case of adding an 'S' to the tail of 'http'

        Changing from 'http://squarebirds..." to 'https://squarebirds...", makes our site's address completely different (like adding another digit to the middle of your phone number).

        If you use your 'favorites' to pull up, DELETE the one you have in your 'favorites' because it is the old address. Then, go to your address bar at the top and enter,
        Once you get there, save it to your favorites.

        Search engines (Google, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Yahoo) take time to 'catch on' to our changes as well. Some may not recognize that we have added the 'S' and this may hold true for months. So it is best you do the change on your computer and save it to your favorites. For this reason, I expect the number of visitors to drop, temporarily. - Dave
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          It appears that all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing have already added the "S" to both the home page and the forum page so that should alleviate most of the issues with new users accessing our site. As Dave pointed out I would still change your favorites or bookmarks to the secure page. If by chance you reach our unsecure page and can't log in you can just click on the large banner and you will be redirected to our secure page.

          John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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            Dave / John thanks for letting us know how to change our " favourite" settings to take us to the new secure site . I did it and saved it to my favourites and all is good
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