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PayPal Phishing Attempts...

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  • PayPal Phishing Attempts...

    Yesterday evening, I received an email that informed me that PayPal had placed a temporary limitation on my account due to some "suspicious" activity on my account. I had just recently had a transaction on PayPal and I thought perhaps this was regarding that, so I called PayPal. They told me that my account had no problems with it, and it was not on a temporary limitation status. They asked me how I was address in that email and I said they addressed me as "Dear User". They informed me that email was a phishing email because they never address one of their PayPal customers by that title. They use your actual name on your account if they contact you. They asked me if I had clicked on any link to PayPal or opened any attachment(s). I told them no, I did not click on the link that was in the email, nor were there any attachments. I told them that I went to a browser and brought up PayPal myself, outside of that email, to check my PayPal account. They said never respond to an email purported to be from them, addressed to Dear User, or an attachment, or that asks you to click on a link in that email to your PayPal account. Because it probably would have taken me to a spoofed PayPal website where they would have asked for my personal PayPal information. Later, they sent me a detailed email informing me of actions to take if I had clicked on that email link or opened any attachments. They also asked me to forward that phishing email to them for investigation, to, which I did. This is my first time to ever receive a phishing email regarding PayPal, but according to them, it has been going on for some time. So be aware of any attempts by someone to try and get you to open your PayPal account and go through a series of questions or statements...
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    Ray great post for sure to be aware. Thanks.
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