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New User Kyle ~ Landau's '62 Bulletbird!

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    New User Kyle ~ Landau's '62 Bulletbird!

    Kyle just joined the Forum and sent me some pix of his new-to-him '62 HT, which looks to be OEM. According to my reading back then, they were not maintaining a separate category for the Landau. They just lumped them into the regular 63A category. However, my reading indicates that Ford said they only made 1,000 Landau's in 1962, making it a fairly rare Bulletbird. Here are the pix he sent me. The VIN # is a little deceptive because it was punched a little low in the block. It looks like it said 2YB771 but looking closely at it, it reads 2Y87Z1. It is hard to the _ under the Z.
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  • Landau
    • Apr 7 2024
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    Glad to be a part of the forum! Ray was incredibly helpful and wonderful to speak with. Thanks for everything!


    • jopizz

      • Nov 23 2009
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      According to the production figures it's estimated that around 10,000 Landau hardtops were built which makes sense considering that there were over 12,000 produced in 1963. It's also backed up by how many are listed on the Thunderbird Registry compared to regular hardtops (320 vs 1717). It's possible that the 1000 figure are the ones built with the M code tri-power engine.

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