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"Bart" Bartasavich's '57 Tbird!

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  • "Bart" Bartasavich's '57 Tbird!

    Those of you who might be active in the International Thunderbird Club (ITC) will recognize the name as being the President of the ITC and long time Tbird owner. Bart has just joined the Forum and also became a Paid Member at the same time. He happens to own a pretty well known Red '57 Tbird that used to belong to a very famous Woman, Zoe Dell Nutter, who some years ago hit her 100th Birthday mark, and then at 104 years of age, passed on. I will post a video that Bart sent to me and with his permission I will post it. It does not deal with her life as a Tbird owner, but as a dancer, then as a Woman who became very well known in advertising and promoting various companies and as a pilot. She is also the woman who developed and caused to be built an improved aircraft engine exhaust manifold which replaced that type that aircraft engines had major problems with back then.

    What the video does not get into is any great information about is her love of the Ford Babybird and she owned and drove one. As I heard the story, she was on one of her worldwide advertising trips for one of the many companies she lent her talents too. When she got back home, she found that her then Husband had sold her beloved Tbird! It is my understanding that Husband quickly became her ex-Husband. Later she bought a white '57 and drove it for many years. Bart knows all the details regarding that and also Zoe Dell Nutter and he can expound on that if he wishes.

    As I understand the story, later Marvin Hill found either her red one or the white Tbird and restored it to Red. Later he sold it to Bart and it has been his pride and joy, along with some other cars, and his 2021 Mustang GT 5.0 Premium convertible which he loves. Here are the pix he sent of Zoe's Tbird that he now owns, and his Mustang. I already know that I want to consider his Tbird for the 2024 Calendar and I have told him so. It is the ITC and Bart who are supporting the Thunderbird Reunion at Ford World Hqs, Dearborn, Michigan in August. Details are found in the Events Forum.

    Here is the link to the YouTube video regarding her life.
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