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    This is my 430 at a local show last week. The journey began in 2008 and challenged me every step of the way, body repair, engine work, paint work and top install. Now it is a roadworthy sweet running reward for all the effort and monies expended.

    . First Show.jpg

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    I know how difficult it is to do a ground up restoration on a Squarebird convertible. Having a 430 makes it even more difficult. I admire your dedication. It's a beautiful car. I'm sure Ray would like to put it in the next calendar.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

    Thunderbird Registry #36223 856-779-9695


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      Hi John & Carl! I agree with what you said, John! And I just told Carl that I would LOVE to consider it for the 2023 Calendar!

      Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
      The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
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        Hi Carl, good to see that She's all finished and may I say looking really good. I see you had blue skies for the show. We also had a show here in my State last Sunday but it was a washout. Ordinarily around 300 cars,but I was told that only around 25 turned up. It was cold, windy and wet. Our next big show is in two weeks time, followed by the "All Ford Day" on the 30th of October.

        Chris.....From OZ.


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          Carl, it looks great!

          Every time I see a red 60' bird with a white top I think of the five car Rosie's Diner photograph. I have 3 different sizes of the photograph, and one of them is on a board which has small light bulbs incorporated into the picture. Perhaps a potential purchase for your garage wall if you don't already have one.

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          Jim Kowal
          Thunderbird Registry #82613


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            Carl she is one sweet looking classic. Well done.
            Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
            Thunderbird Registry
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            60 HT (Sold )


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              Stunningly beautiful, Carl. The Mustang convertible next to your car draws no comparison because your Squarebird convertible has far more class and beauty.
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              From: Royal Oak, Michigan


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                Carl, I love the way your squarebird turned out. You must be proud of all of your hard work.


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                  Looks Good. Keepin the 430 faith goin