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Ric66's New Project~Restoring His New-To-Him '66 Flairbird!

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  • Ric66's New Project~Restoring His New-To-Him '66 Flairbird!

    Rick sent me some pix, including one of his just having painted his 15" rims to match the car as close as he could get it. He is looking for 15" Dog Dish hubcaps to pop on those rims with the mounting nubs and 15" beauty rings. Anyone have a set they would like to get rid of? Send Rick a PM if you do! Here is what he had to say and the pix.
    "She's coming along ... slooow but sure. Paint color (of the rims) is a shade lighter than car, but closest I could find without spending $$$$.
    Here's some not-really-so-good pics of her as she sits. Can't get a good pic of it yet because she's under my side yard carport between a fence and house.
    Tight quarters, not able to get back far enough for a good profile. Just ordered two new Moog inner tie rod ends from eBay for $98. Most places I checked that sell them are out of stock. Gives me something productive to do on her next week. Still surfing for the chrome. The set I saw earlier was for a golf cart, smaller. That's why they were so cheap. The ones for 15" 3-nub are a lot more pricey. SOMEBODY has an old set in their garage that I just haven't found yet ;-) Enjoy! Rick"

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