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  • 1940 Ford Pickup

    Some of you know I have a '40 Ford Pickup. I painted it in 1995 for a customer. In 2016 the customer was starting to let go some of his cars and offered me a deal on the pickup. It had about 8000 miles on it since 1995. I like to drive so I put 12000 miles on it since Aug of 2016 to June of 2019. The small block chevy was starting to consume oil and losing power. Me being a Ford enthusiast as far back as I can remember had a '93 302 and a C4 out of a 1976 Mustang ll ready to go in.

    We've all heard the horror stories about how much work it is to put a Ford in a Early Ford. I've never bought into that. At 19 I put a 289 and a C4 in a 72 Datsun Pickup. It's what I had and it worked.

    I have been around early Fords for a lot of years and have seen my fair share of sbc's in them. So the plan was to not have any restrictions to the steering or steering box, starter, oil filter and not to buy a new radiator. I'm not into billet or chrome either.

    Make some engine mounts that bolt to the heads and mount where the flathead water pump/motor mount location was and buy a set of rear exit headers and swap sides. I purchased a 69 Ford 302 water pump as it has the inlet on the rightside to match the radiator that the chevy used. I bought double grove chrome 3 bolt crankshaft pulley and chrome water pump pulley ,3 bolt harmonic balancer with 50 oz imbalance weight, a 141 tooth flex plate with 50 oz imbalance weight and a rear sump E150 6 qt rear sump oil pan. I also wanted the engine to look cool so I got some 61 Thunderbird 390 Valve covers and added a oil filler and pcv holes to them and adapted them to fit a 302 head. Sandblasted the chrome pieces prepped the block and painted it 1995 Ford Performance Red. I still have to finish the air cleaner. I ordered the V8 Interceptor and Thunderbird Special decals for it and I still have to hook up the a/c. I drove to a car show this past weekend and was happy with the thumbs up from the Ford guys.

    Here's some pictures.

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    Keith, that is good stuff! Great pix and she looks terrific in Red. Please post some more as you get her all together and completed! That is one good looking Truck that should be a pleasure to drive and show off! You do fantastic work!

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      Keith very well thought out and impressive. She will certainly turn some heads
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        Excellent work, Keith. I like your engine mounts and your alternator (instead of a generator). - Dave
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