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Andrea's ~ roses4andrea Beautiful Blue 2005 Retrobird!

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  • Andrea's ~ roses4andrea Beautiful Blue 2005 Retrobird!

    One of our more recent additions to the South Texas Tbird Club here is Andrea & Steve Yaudas, recently of Washington State. Since they have moved here, they have joined our STTC club and Andrea has been showing her beautiful 50th Anniversary Medium Steel Blue Metallic Retrobird! It is a stunning color and in stunningly great condition as you will see by the pictures she has posted on the STTC Facebook page. We will be seeing it again, I hope, this coming Saturday as the Club gets out for it's first foray after being on lockdown for the last couple of months. What is fascinating about Andrea is that I just learned more about her life in reading her biography in her application for membership than I have in talking with her personally! I found out that she has had a very interesting life, more than I ever knew of! Here are some of the things that I learned about her! Past Thunderbirds Owned: 1984 Thunderbird; 2004 Pacific Coast Retrobird; presently a 2005 50th Anniversary Retrobird. Fords (other than Thunderbirds) Owned : 1997 250 Truck; 1999 350 Truck Dully; 2005 350 Dully Truck. Other Vehicles Owned: 1999 Mercedes; 1967 Cadillac convertible; 2005 Cadillac sedan; 1999 Escalade; 2007 SLD Escalade; 1999 M3 BMW Roadster; 1957 Chevy Bell Air. Interests/Hobbies: Cars, motorcycles, boats, gardening, painting, skiing, decorating. Occupation: Retired from Boeing Engineering Technical Illustrator. Biography: I raced cars for 5 yrs; gave birth to a daughter; lived in Canada for 5 yrs; drove a freight train from Spokane WA to Whitefish, MO; Flown planes; 50 ft boat, was the Captain!

    Now for 3 pix of her gorgeous 2005 50th Anniversary Retrobird, a Tbird that I hope to consider for the 2021 Calendar!
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