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Pat & Sher's 1959 Hickory Tan HT

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  • Pat & Sher's 1959 Hickory Tan HT

    So today is Hickory Tanned Hollyann's birthday according to her ROT/build sheet, I got her to pose for a couple birthday photos with some of her presents before her actual party. I'm hoping her much younger cousins, a 2010 Mercury Mariner and a 2003 Lincoln Town car will stop by to wish her a happy 60th birthday today. As you can see in the photos, she got a nice case of high zinc oil and new filter, She also has her choice of either a Scarebird type disc brake upgrade or a more closely DNA matching Lincoln Versailles disc brake upgrade. She hasn't fully decided yet but she seems to be leaning toward keeping the family DNA with the Versailles upgrade. She also got disc brake ready 14" rims from a early eighties LTD and we are scheduling her Axleoscopy along with a tranny flush and scoping to make sure she's in good health. Still need to open up the valve covers and probably change valve seals then down to the pan for a cleaning and new oil pump transplant. She's actually running well and is a decent survivor so all this will be happening over time as we want to enjoy the end of summer and into the fall before any major surgeries.

    Happy 60th Birthday Hollyann, Your still quite the looker to me!

    Thanks to Boston and their Third Stage album for giving me her tentative name.


    Thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing all this knowledge and information about these fantastic cars, Without all your help and willingness to share it would be very difficult to keep these wonderful old girls running and turning heads wherever they go!
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    Pat M.
    Monson, MA
    1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617

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    Pat, can you call me, please, at 210-875-1411 or shoot me your phone number in a PM and I can call you on my dime... Thanks for posting these pix of Hollyann! I think that is the first time that anyone has ever posted pix of their Tbird celebrating her birthday! Great shots!

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
    The Terminator.....
    Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411


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      Pat also happy BDay to Hollyann. Nice touch
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
      Thunderbird Registry
      58HT #33317
      60 HT (Sold )


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        Great fun, great photos and a great car!!! Thanks for posting, Pat!

        1958 Hardtop
        #8452 TBird Registry



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          Thanks Ray, Dan & John,. I also have to give John some credit for the photos as he planted the seed about the cars birthday after telling me
          about his 58 being 61 this year. Anyway, it was fun and has given me more ideas for the future as well.
          Pat M.
          Monson, MA
          1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617


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            How are the disk brakes coming along? I'm interested in the Versailles adaption.
            59HT TBird Registry: RN#76495
            Sweet Home Alabama, Where the skies are so blue.


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              Hi John,

              I sent you a pm with all the details so far, which really isn't much yet. I wanted to just post that basic info
              here in case anyone see's it and thinks I'm dropping the ball in the response dept. I think I have all my
              wheel associated parts and even my combo valve that I recently pulled from a local boneyard. I still need
              to save up and figure out my MC/Booster/Bracket purchase. Since winter will be setting in soon I'm not in
              a hurry to finish collecting parts. Once I get moving on it I'll post in the brake conversion forum as I progress.
              Pat M.
              Monson, MA
              1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617