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  • Thunderbird forever

    Respected Tbird fans and owners, some of you may asked yourself why Peter does not poste anymore. The reason is that I have been diagnosed with malicous colon cancer. Surgery was very urgent and I had no time to say "see you later" to you all. But we in Switzerland have a saying that you cannot kill weeds, it always grows back again. So did I, I'm out of the hospital and on the way of recovery. Still weak after several radiation and chemical therapies I try to get my live back as good and as soon as possible. So this is a shy attempt to make new postings. Thank you for your understanding. Peter

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    Peter terribly sorry to hear of your recent surgery. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you on your speedy recovery from our squarebird family.
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      Peter, I have been wondering why the sudden stop in posting and now we know why. I am sorry to hear about the surgery and I hope that you will have a full recovery from it.
      I found a couple of pix of a 1958 Squarebird with a removable hardtop. I also found a pic when, back then, Ford was considering installing a swing away steering wheel and a flipper on the drivers side of the car and will post that also. Here are the pix.
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        Sorry to hear about the surgery but happy to hear your back and on the road to recovery, I wish you all the best as you move forward.

        Ray, Thanks for sharing those pictures, that would have been awesome to have the swing away and the flipper would have been icing
        on the cake.
        Pat M.
        Monson, MA
        1959 HT Hickory Tan, Thunderbird registry #77617


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          I wondered where you went as well, Peter. Thank You for letting us know. My prayers are with you and your doctors for a fast and complete recovery. - Dave
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            It has been awhile since Peter last posted and for good reason... I had written him to ask him for more pix of his beautiful 1959 Squarebird Red Convertible because I want to consider it for the 2020 Squarebirds Calendar. Here is the reply that I received from him in Switzerland and he gave me permission to post for him.

            "Hi Ray, thank you for consider my T-bird for your calender. As I have mentioned earlier that I have colon cancer and it hit me badly. After a first surgery it seemed to be eradicated and I did well for a while. Unfortunately it came back and I underwent another surgery. But no luck. It's still sticking with me and no more surgery is possible. Last thing to try is chemo and radiation therapy. And this is even worse then the cancer itself. I'm wrecked and tired, all my hairs is gone and I'm unable to do something. I'm afraid we have to delay the calender project for this year. (if there is another year for me) . I'm not able to even finish my story. I strongly hope I get another chance to recover and finish some of my plans. Thank you for understandig my situation. Greeting to all T-bird friends. Peter Baumgartner."

            For those who are inclined to do so, I ask you to add Peter to your thoughts and prayers for healing and remission of this cancer. He hopes that on some of his better days, he will be able to finish writing his story, and post it. He knows that he can send it to me for posting if needs be.

            Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
            The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
            Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411



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              Prayers sent for sure....

              The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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