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  • Thunderbird forever

    My story, Part 2
    One day, crossing the Lake of Zurich by ferry in my T-bird I met a guy who was crossing the lake too in a regular car right behind me wanted to now, where I have purchased it.
    When I told him, a half year a go in a shoping mall, he told me oh my god he was there too and wanted to buy it so badly but was 10 Min. too late the sales clerk told him.
    We then went to a restaurant and had a long talk about US classic cars. Before we left, we exchanged adresses and phone numbers and just in case if I would now about another T-bird for sale, to please let him now. A few weeks later, I bumped into a guy who owned a red '60 squarebird conv. He needed money and wanted to sell it. I remembered the other guy, Urs Grossmann was his name and I called him. He was so excited about the good news and two days later he was proud owner of that bird. That was the begin of a very wonderful friendship that last until today. From now on, we cruised together, went to car shows and raked up a lot of prices and trophies. The question was always which of us will win first or second price. We founded our own US car club with about 60 members (various makes) Wonderful cruising years went by and then the day arrived, when everything came to a end. The day, when my wife and I left Switzerland to migrate to Cape Coral Florida, a step we had planned seriously for a long time. I now Cape Coral since 1969 when they went to the moon and I was able to see the take off live in Cape Canaveral. I'm proud I can say I was there live for the first moonflight and then again for the last one, Apollo 17 on Dec. 7,1972, the only night lift off which was a unbelievable event. During our time in Florida we saw many spaceshuttle lift offs, even the two very tragic ones, but non of them came even close to the roaring Saturn V rockets. Sorry, my ride came off tracks but it belongs to my story. Later more. I greet you all Squarebird fans

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      Peter, thanks for continuing the story and also for posting the pix! She is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous red Squarebird! I am about to send you a Private Message regarding her....

      Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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        Peter I agree with Ray that she is very impressive. I particularly like the red fan sitting on the console. Nice Touch
        Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
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          Thank you Dan for liking the little fan. It's mounted over the front ashtray with the existing 2 ashtray screws, no new holes drilled. There will be some other truly unique selfmade features no one else has. As soon as I have pix, I will post them. I'm a bit overwelmed. You all give me time to get settlet and familiar with the club, because I find it quite difficult to navigate trough the site. Thank you all


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            I see that you have a 1958 speedometer. I guess someone couldn't find a 1959 replacement.

            John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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              Peter, your Squarebird is one of the nicest and prettiest I have ever seen. I like red a lot. My wife's daily driver and mine are both red. My father lived in Lakeland, FL for twenty years. I cannot tolerate too much sun so I'm staying in Detroit. However, our son lives not too far from Cape Coral in a little place due east of Bonita Springs called, Ave Maria, FL. I do like the Gulf side much better than the ocean. Thank You for supporting our international site. - Dave
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                Hi John, that is exactly the car I'd admired so much as a little boy in my hometown in Switzerland, not a Convertable but same colour in and out. Brings back some memories. Thanks for showing. Peter


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                  Peter accidentally started a new thread with his story. So I am copy/pasting it here in the original thread and deleting his second thread... Here is what he said...

                  Hi everyone, here's the third part of my story.
                  So we arrived in Florida, the new house right on the water only needed a few more touch ups. The poole heated up and the 28 ft. Searay on the boatlift ready. Only one thing was not here yet, my red bird. She was somewhere on a boat crossing the atlantic together with all our belongings. We've sold everything, all the other cars, the house and left behind family members and friends. What I did not leave behind was my Tbird, coming back to the homeland. I made some prayers that the boat would not sink, but after three long weeks waiting, we got a message, the container arrived in Fort Lauderdale. Only three ours away, almost home. The third garage, built extra for that car with a AC who removes the humid air to prevent rost was ready and decorated with all kinds of memorabilias. It deserved a good looking showroom and I shed a few tears, when the container arrived. Now we where complet again. Already two weeks later, I went to my first car show in Punta Gorda and won second in my category and a few more prices in Ft. Myers, Naples and Orlando.
                  What follows now, I'm ashamed of letting you now. As planned, we closed on two businesses, my wife on a restaurant and myself on a landscape and lawncare business. After that, the poor baby never saw daylight again for about ten years when we where forced to return to Switzerland, due to some tragic circumstances. In my last chapter, I will tell you about that. Thanks for staying with me. Until then Peter"

                  Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
                  The Terminator..... VTCI #11178
                  Contact me via Private Message for my email address, or Call (Cell) 210-875-1411