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Peter Baumgartner ~ Thunderbird forever & His '59 Convertible!

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  • Peter Baumgartner ~ Thunderbird forever & His '59 Convertible!

    "Hallo Tbird owners and fans, I'm new here and happy to share as much as possible about my beloved 59 squarebird. Its a long story, in parts very sad but also there are happier times and I'm going to dissolve it over time in various chapters. After very long time standing I'm in process of restore my sleeping beauty and get it on the road again where it belongs. As a little boy, grown up in a small town in Switzerland called Montlingen, Population about 1800 I grew up on a farm and very much admired our physicions car. It was so big, so unbelievable beautyfull and much bigger then all the other little cars in town. White and shiny and I pressed my nose flat on the window to get a glimpse to the interior and there was a bird on its front and back. Dont now how many times I dreamed of it and I said to myself "Some day I will have one of this". 3 Decades went by. Life got serious and the beautyfull car was long forgotten. Then, begin of the eighties, I went shopping with my wife in a big shopping mall near Zurich. By coincidence there was a sales exhibition of classic cars and high up at the top of a pyramide was the car of my youth dreams. Not in white, even nicer in fire engine red and at this moment I knew, this is a wink of my my fate. I MUST HAVE IT, NOW OR NEVER, MY DREAMS NEED TO GET FOLFILLED was my only thoughts. A very very long week after I was a happy owner of a 59 Squarebird Convertible. A little boys dream came true.
    Of course, there is always a awakening from dreams, and so did I. High up on the pyramide it looked so perfect, but after a closer look I new, it's more appearance then substance and the price was outraged high and I would have to invest even more to improof the condition. I did not get around a ground up restoration and I ended up with another outragous costs. As a real greenhorn, I had to bite it. About half a year later, my first cruise trough Zürich was a unforgettable ride. People waved, horns hunked, I was proud King of the road. Every spare time I was out for a ride and I needed that feeling again and again.
    This was the first part of my story. I hope, it was not all to boring. Soon I'll continue my story and send some pictures. Thank you for your attention. Peter Baumgartner".

    I encourage Peter, who is now a new Paid Member, to post his pix and additional commentary here, in the thread that I have created for him...

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    Enjoying your story very much Peter and look forward to the continuation . Enjoy your ride .


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      Peter your passion is excellent and turned a little boys dream into reality. Good stuff and look forward to more posts.
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