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    Originally posted by tbird430 View Post
    As far as the "chrome", silverish, shinny edge, it must be a shade or lighting trick.

    Now the real queston. Wasn't the windbar a sunroof option? Meaning not ALL sunroof 1960's had them, some did some didn't? Or was the windbar "standard equipment" on all sunroofs?

    Curious Jon.
    Correct; it was an option, not standard....although I am not seeing the "windbar" listed under the options area of the tbird book I have, thats odd...that wouldn't be a dealer addition would it?


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      Originally posted by Coral View Post
      In the last pic (37) there is a white ford wagon, along side of a long blue car, I can't see enough to tell what it is....Catalina
      As Chewrocks mentioned, it's an Impala.

      According to Jon about the shade/light: I just replaced a couple of pics in the album because they were (to) dark indeed. The evening sun was quite bright and there's a roof above a part of the parkinglot, so difficult light to 'catch' everyting OK with a small camera.
      (I've adapted 5 pics, made them all brighter but that has unfortunately also influence on the colour. But now you can see a little bit more of what's in the pictuere)
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