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Judging Criteria at Shows

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  • YellowRose
    Judging Criteria at Shows

    Kirsten, judging criteria can be different from Tbird club to club, or Classic car judging from club to club. Some organizations judge on a 300 point basis. Some on a 100 point basis. Others on different basis's, like the one you cited. I have no idea what a "B" or a "DD" stands for. As I think I mentioned before, shows sponsored by certain car clubs, that also allow classic cars from other than the manufacturer of their cars, can, unfortunately, show bias against the other cars, in their judging results. I have seen this personally in the past. Which is one reason why I did not like to attend those types of shows when I was entering Rose in judging. The best types of shows are when you are competing against the same years of cars, in the same style as yours, manufactured by one car company. Case in point. Competing in the 1958-1960 Squarebird division.. You are competing ONLY against cars of the same year and style as yours. Even within that division you often find that there is an Original Division, that you do not compete against, if your car is not been OEM maintained. If you have a Modified car, then you may be competing in the Modified Division against only other Modified cars. Or if Customized as Rose is, there might be a Customized Division that you are competing in. It all depends on the organization that is conducting the S&S event and how they have set up their judging. If you get your Tbird restored to judging condition, you will want to check out the judging rules of the S&S events you go to for judging to see who and what you are competing against...

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  • ssj335
    started a topic Judging Criteria at Shows

    Judging Criteria at Shows

    So are all car shows judged by a universal methodology? Or does it vary from show to show? I am curious to know how cars get judged and based on what?

    Last weekend at Belmont Racetrack, I noticed some cars were being judged and given a grade. The highest grade I saw was a "B". I saw other things like "DD", etc.

    My guess is that the system will vary but I wanted to pick your brains.