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interesting machine at the tire shop

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  • interesting machine at the tire shop

    Something I'm not seen nor heard of until now:

    A small shop run only by a father/son team has an old machine that "shaves" the high spots off of new tires after they've been mounted.

    Almost like a "lathe for rubber". The owner said all the good tire shops used to have these machines years ago.

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    My father has spoke of those machines before.

    There was also a machine that "fit" new brake shoes to the cars drums before they were installed, back in the good ol days...
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      Alot of people get their tires from that place because of that little machine they have. the place is nothing fancy, but the two guys that run it are light years better than some of the doofuses that work at the big chain stores.


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        Greg I would tend to agree with your statement about the staff at some tire shops. You would think that they would have to receive extensive " product knowledge " training before meeting the public?
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