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Want A Chrome Tbird????

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
    • 17070

    Want A Chrome Tbird????

    Rockin' Kev just sent this to me in email. Ever thought of having a totally chrome Tbird? Here is what Kev sent me. I am posting it for him.

    "Check this out, i have seen this paint done on cars here in the UK, i was thinking about posting this on the squarebird site.Think about it, if you want a chrome dress up kit this sometimes is the cheaper way to go but with the same effects.I saw this done on a 1958 Ford Zodiac (British car) the owner had taken the headlight surround and painted chrome with this paint kit.Thing is it looked like it was chromed the correct way!!! it was that good.

    Ok, the hood scoop on our hoods dont take well to chroming as they warp in the process , but if you want an exterior chrome dress kit and engine dress kit this is fab!"

    This process was developed by Alsa Corp. in California, so if you wanted to do this, you could probably get the paint kit from them. Check out this website.

    and this one to see 50 Cents chrome painted Lamborghini

    and learn more about this paint and the colored paint versions of it. There is a lot to see on this site regarding the things they are doing with this paint. Click on the Quick Links Chrome Paint to see more.

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  • Anders
    • Jan 19 2008
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    Not sure about a totally chromed car, but....
    That Mustang in Red chrome is HOT!
    sigpic..."Lil darling Ruth":)