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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Parts Locator

    I was given a copy of the Old Car Parts Locating Guide of 2003 on CD. It gives you the opportunity to search for ANY company that specializes in certain parts for certain years of FLM cars. You can search three ways. It is pretty cool. If you are looking for a company who sells interior carpeting, you can search on Carpeting. It will give you a list of every company it knows of who deals in FLM carpeting for certain years. Another function allows you to search by car components, like rubber parts. Another function allows you to search in a different way. They each will list out the name of the company that specializes in those parts, by name, telephone number, address, web page, email, etc.. It can spit out a lot of company names we probably never heard of before that sell Tbird and Big Ford parts that we are looking for. Since this is a 2003 copy, some of the companies listed might have gone out of business, but at least one can try. I am sure a lot of them must still be going.

    If you are looking for a particular part and cannot find it, tell me what it is, and I can look up sources for you on the CD. Do not give me the part number because it does not search that way. Just give me the name of it. I would probably have to do a copy and paste to get them over into an email or a PM. I have not tried that yet.
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  • Dan Leavens
    Moderator / Administrator

    • Oct 4 2006
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    Ray that's a pretty cool resource to have and I am sure our members will test you on this. NOTE: I received your CD'S on Fri. 05.21.10 in the post with thanks.
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