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A San Antonio '59 Tbird Junk Car

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    A San Antonio '59 Tbird Junk Car

    I went to Southside Auto Parts, here in San Antonio, to get another 14" disk brake ready rim for my '59 for the spare. While talking with the owner about Tbirds, he told me he had a black '59 on his lot and where it was located. So off I went on a tour to find it. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me. I found it. There is not a lot left of it. There was no data plate, but he gave me the VIN # from his records. That VIN # does not show up in the Registry. It is VIN #H9YH111840. I have reported it to John Rotella. At one time, it was a '59 Hard Top. The doors are gone, and the top has been chopped off it. The interior is pretty well gone also, seats, rear side panels. The dash looks to be in pretty good shape still and is black. That leads me to believe it probably had a black and white interior. The instrument panel and gauges and controls and the glove compartment door are still there and look to be in not to bad a shape. The radio is gone and the AC vent vanes are rusted somewhat, but like the instrument panel and glove compartment door, could be refurbished. The engine and tranny are gone, as is the back bumper. The front bumper and grill looks to be in pretty good shape still. He is asking $325 for that. The trunk lid is laying off to the side, and the hood is gone, I think. There is not a whole lot left of it, but at least we know where this '59 Tbird is now. If I get out there again, I will see about getting some pix of what is left of it. It is the only old Tbird he has. If anyone has an interest in this for parts, you can contact Larry at Southside Auto Parts, 800-445-3301.

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