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Staying GREEN.

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  • Dan Leavens
    Jon thanks and we will check into this.

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  • tbird430
    I'm sorry to say "no" Dano. I found this info off their website though:

    Main office - Small office (not a warehouse) for letters and post only!

    Matter of Trust, Inc.
    99 St. Germain Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94114 USA

    Please DO NOT SEND HAIR, fur, waste wool etc. to this address. See below.

    .Main:.......415 242-6041
    .Press: > ..415 235-2403
    Funding:>.415 235-2403

    Fed ID #: 06-1530091

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  • Dan Leavens
    Jon thanks for starting this thread, as it is an excellent idea and one certainly worth pursuing in our varios cities. Is there a Toll Free number to contact, if a group gets involved?

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  • tbird430
    started a topic Staying GREEN.

    Staying GREEN.

    (Borrowed from another site).

    Everyone can help the Gulf Coast during this oil spill!
    The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is something that I am sure is on everyone's minds. We can help, each and everyone of us.

    I am using web forums to reach out across North America & ask for help. What can I do to help? Hair, both human and animal is being used to make booms to absorb the oil that is threatening the entire Gulf Coast from the smallest plant to the livelihood of our friends and neighbours.

    I have contacted some of my friends, who are Barber's and Hairstylist's by trade and they have contacted all the Salon's, Barber Shops and people they know in their area of Ontario and the Upper Peninsula Michigan, I also have contacted all the local shops, pet stores and groomers, as well as the farmers in my area we all have requested that the hair that would normally be sent to compost from their Business and other Businesses be sent to Matter of Trust so that they are able to make more booms.

    I am asking you to help spread the word, it is just too easy to do nothing, when we all have the power in us to help. This crisis is affecting each and everyone of us in one way or another and it will most assuredly affect our children in the long run.

    If this is the simplest thing we can do by sending hair that would otherwise go to waste to help clean up a mess that admittedly is not ours, then lets do it. We have nothing to lose by printing off the instructions and taking them to our local Barber Shop, Hair Salon, or by simply passing the information along. The word will spread and the help will too.

    We have the power in us to do this, so please help!

    Thank you for your time.

    Welcome to Matter Of Trust : Programs : Hair Mats Information

    I would like to add that a 12” by 12” by 1/4” square of hair can absorb more than a quart of oil.

    I get 3 to 4 times that amount from brushing just one of my dogs, which is why I keep at special container out back by the composter for dog hair – the birds and other creatures like to use it for building nests. But we also use it to stuff into old nylons and make our own “hair booms” and keep them in the Garage – as spillage seems to happen when working on your own vehicles and they have come in handy more than once.

    GO GREEN!!!

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