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  • 57ford/60thunderbird
    • May 4 2009
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    good deal

    i was at the local annual moms day carshow today and came upon a elderly lady that had a few items for sale on a table . on her table she had 2 table lamps and 2 die cast semi trucks but,
    infront of her table was a long box and on that box was a new blue dashpad she noticed i was looking at it she said that it was either a firebird or a thunderbird from 58-60 (i knew what it was of course) i told her it was a thunderbird dash and that they didnt build firebirds until 67 and i told her that it wasnt the right color for mine but out of curiousity i asked her what she wanted for it and she said 25.00 and of course my wallet was out and open in an instant and im the new owner of a blue squarebird dash pad im like wow i almost didnt even go to this show today but after buying the pad im glad i did

    it was funny the pad was the only car part in the show for sale and of all things its for a squarebird

    now after i decide what color im doing my interrior in i just have to dye it to match

    any one else stumble on an unsuspected much needed part?
    57 ford sedan
    60 thunderbird registry number 33404
    69 mustang coupe
    69 roadrunner
  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
    • 17179

    good deal

    Hi Keith! You really did stumble upon a good deal with that being a new dash pad! That was a good stroke of luck! Just keep in mind that there is a slight difference in putting a new dash pad into a '58 or a '59 compared to a '60. There are dash pad instructions in the Technical links that you will want to check out when you get to that point. Check out the Technical Resource Library, above this, the Technical links on the Home page and the temporary technical links referenced below in my signature element when you are ready. Good luck with it.

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