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My baby has new set of shoes

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  • My baby has new set of shoes

    Hey Guys,
    Just got set of old style Cragers and put on Christine. This is picture taken 4-3-10 downtown Campbellsville car show sponsored by our Happy Days Diner!
    Richard D. Hord
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    My baby has new set of shoes

    Christine is still a sexy lookin' Lady at 50! Nice looking set of shoes and she is looking good!

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      Cragers are ...

      a little on the heavy side, but still one of the best looking wheels out there. Look great on your bird. Mike


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        Hey Guys,
        THANKS! I was a little leery about getting a set of Cragers, but had my heart set on them. I think I made a good decision. There were a lot of people at the car show that really liked them. I would have like to have had a set of wire spokes, little to expensive for my blood and how do you keep them clean?
        Richard D. Hord


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          Happy Easter, Richard.

          What wheel is more classic than the Cragar SS? Really, you could put this wheel on any classic and it would look dynamite. So does Christine. She shore do look goooood, Rich. You could bring her to a cruise or a wedding. The elegance and alure jumps out of your Thunderbird. - Dave
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            She is all dressed up for Easter and she looks mighty fine, Very good lookin Bird.


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              Hey looking good! I see you just have to go with BF Goodrich Belted T/A's.... I put new set on the front of my Dodge. I see the car show season is starting there too.... we had our first official cruise in at the Sonic last night. 100 cars showed up, it was a blast. I just about go crazy in the winter with no cruises and car shows....
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                Originally posted by Richard D. Hord View Post
                I would have like to have had a set of wire spokes, little to expensive for my blood and how do you keep them clean?
                Richard D. Hord
                I have a set of LA 100 spoke wires on both cars, thats 800 spokes to keep do I do it? Dont drive in the rain ever, wipe them with a soft cloth every now and again and keep both cars in a garage ALL the time. Easy!! By the way, those Cragars look excellent
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                  How about trying ...

                  a pressure washer followed by a leaf blower. Mike