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Square and Bullet Front Seat Foams

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    Square and Bullet Front Seat Foams

    Presently the aftermarket manufacturer of front seat foams is still down and out of production for squarebirds and bulletbirds. All Tbird suppliers have been out of stock on squarebird foams for several months now, however I understand that there is still a limited inventory of bulletbird foams left. That inventory should run out shortly.

    Recently I have learned that it may yet still be 30 to 60 days before the aftermarket mold production of front seat foams will be back up and running. As you may recall, the mold production facility went out of business before Christmas 09. The owner of the tool and mold equipment had to recover the equipment from the old manufacturer, find a new production facility and then get the equipment transferred and set up to the new production facility. This transfer is still in process and may be for the next 2 months.
    A short time ago I had gone into the production of squarebird front foams. At that time Ray had an old original passenger side seat foam set he mailed me so that I could use the old foam to develop my pattern templates. Since that time I have been mass-producing front foams for squarebirds and shipping them out to suppliers and their customers. My production may cease or slow greatly after the production facility comes back on line, however I will still be able to continue with my production on a limited on-call basis.

    Since I have been doing rear foams for squarebirds for 15 years and more recently rear foams for bulletbirds, I should consider being able to offer a full set of both front and rear foams for both squares and bullets. Thusly, it may be well worth my time to start producing bulletbird front seat foams. So I am seeking someone who might have an extra original bulletbird foam set they could ship to me. If you do have an old set of original foams please do contact me. There are minor differences in the bolstering and spline cuts between the model years 61-62 and the 63 model year foams. I should first target my production for the 61-62 foams.

    With regard to the above, I thought to explore this opportunity thru our Squarebirds Forum and make this post to all. Thank you in advance for your advice and assistance.