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    Well I got bored and went out to the barn and got the old Post Drill that I have used for the last 50 yrs. and decided to clean her up and hang it in the shop and it still works..This one is a Acme #1 Back in the day you could order these fron Sears and they would ship them and you had to put them together. They sold two sizes Small sold for $7.10 and the Big for $36.30 I have the Big one which weights 120 Lb. and it is still in working order.
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    Nice ...

    I love old tools. I've got a 1946 Craftsman (Atlas) lathe that I rebuilt and use regularly. Nothing fancy but it works for me. Mike


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      I'm still trying to figure it out... The frame and table are mounted, so they don't move. It looks like the rotating crank moves up and down with the quill. This drill would have been a great tool on a farm.

      Imagine, back in the day, constructing a house with no power tools... All the holes for knob-and-tube wiring had to be bored with a brace & bit. It must have cost a fortune for labor. - Dave
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        Hey Bob,
        That would look great mounted on my log home wall
        Richard D. Hord


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          I love old tools as well. My table saw that I bought at a flea market is a 1936 Duro model that I installed a 4 HP compressor motor onto. I don't have the extension for it, so it is a fairly small table. The saw, motor and stand must weigh 150 lbs.
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