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1959 T-Bird's "Flamingo" ~

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  • 1959 T-Bird's "Flamingo" ~

    Thought I'd pass this along.
    I always wanted a Pink Car ~ The reason was to have something unique. I also loved the 1984-1988 (?) Series of the Lincoln Mark 6. Being very close & good friends with my local L-M-F dealer, he & I worked together on a just -for-fun "Project"! This project was to obtain a custom ordered 1986 Lincoln MK 6 in 1959 T-Bird Flamingo.
    We ordered the car, for me, with every option, and with deep burgundy interior (regular fare) and a normal deep burgundy pin stripe, BUT with the paint from 1959. We recieved many telephone calls of verication. We had also found out that 1986 was THE LAST year, prior to Computers taking over, thereby shutting out anything even close to a S.P. (Special Order). The car was built and when it arrived at the dealership, they placed it up on a turntable near the roadway. Within 2 hours, the local police were at the dealership, begging them to remove it, as it was causing a traffic jam!!! 4 people came in - on the spot - to buy it. But, was mine.
    I had her for 11 years, and finally tired of definding my purchase and I sold her in 1997 with like 15,000 miles on her (maybe less.....I cannot recall)!
    Loads of great memories, fun, and love with my wife driving around. When I sold her, she was 100% showroom-new as she still is, today! Her owner is "Old-School" {John} who recently jopined us, here.
    My car's name is "PINKIN" (it rymes with Lincoln). John has just 22,000 on her and remember, she is 24 years "Young" ~~

    Here is a link to a pic of her, under John's ownership. To both myself AND John, Pinkin is larger than life, and has a persona that cannot be denied.
    Sandy Block Here is the link:-


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    Hey Sandy,
    She's a pretty thing! Glad to hear she got a new owner that is keeping her in nice condition!!!
    Richard D. Hord


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      Here´s some Pink T-birds...
      That 6-wheeler is odd.
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        That 1964 (I think - don't shoot me) is Samoan Coral, more of an orangee-pinkish. The late model, up top, was done for that big dealer in California, along with a 2nd that sported a white lift-off hardtop, rather than pink. HoWeVeR .... both were done on black cars, in the dealer's body shop! No Cigar ! The build plate will prove that she was black, before being Pink. I do believe that color used on it, was never a FoMoCo color, which I demanded. I looked thru 1956 thru 1985 paint books, studying each color and trying to visulize each color on a Mark.
        The one I selected went best with the interior.

        I was stopped by a scout from NYC (I am in Jersey) who wanted to use her in a TV advertising shoot and ........ NOT !!!!

        Employees at Ford had told us that they would never okay such.
        We did it !!

        One woman in a parking lot, walks up to me and says, "I bet you never cheat on your wife" -

        It was funny, 'cause everybody really felt the deep down NEED to say SOMETHING!

        I finally got fed up with them all, and (sdly) Sold her to John, and bought a Purple Cadillac.


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          Here is a rear view

          Note the non standard lower deck lid stripe, matching the factory applied side stripe.