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Samoan Coral Paint Color

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Samoan Coral Paint Color

    Just a few minutes ago, simplyconnected and I had an interesting discussion regarding the external paint color Samoan Salmon, or so we thought. I thought it had been a 1960 color, and I thought I remembered there being a 1960 convertible in California for sale last year in that color. But it was a 1959 pink convertible. Almost, but not quite the same color. That car had Texas license plates on it. I do not know if he ever sold it. Here is a picture of that car below. Keep in mind that the picture showing here is NOT that Samoan Coral car. The '59 was probably painted in Flamingo Pink, an authorized color for that year.

    Anyway, I told him about Automotive Mile Posts and we went looking to see which year(s) Ford offered this Samoan "Salmon" color. We found that ONLY in 1964 did they offer the Samoan Coral color for sale. No Squarebird, or Bulletbird was ever manufactured in that color according to the color charts. And only in 1964. That makes it a pretty rare color.

    While we were researching this, Dave came up with a '64 Tbird convertible in Samoan Coral for sale that was posted just a few days ago. Wait until you see this Tbird, and the price on it. There are a number of pictures down further on the page to look at. This Tbird has garnered some 50-60 trophies in competition! It looks like if you want to own a really rare Tbird, find yourself a 1964 in Samoan Coral. Or be in a position to shell out $56,900 smackers for this one! Here is the link.

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  • SandyBoy
    • Oct 31 2002
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    Car is worth the money !!!


    • Anders
      • Jan 19 2008
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      Beutiful car. The colour realy works.
      sigpic..."Lil darling Ruth":)


      • simplyconnected
        • May 26 2009
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        US$56,900. Ok, I appreciate classic cars as much as anyone, but...

        SandyBoy is right! After looking at the youtube video I could plainly see, this restoration probably cost as much as he is asking.
        Click here for the YouTube video
        If this video is too choppy (or stops forever), you can also find the download here. (The download is worth the wait.)

        This car is original in every way, and looks just like it came off the showroom floor. First prize from the AACA is VERY cool. There isn't a spot of dust anywhere on this beautiful piece.

        Ray and I discussed "Samoan Coral" because it's a color Gary Tayman explained, "Is so rare." (Remember, Gary did my radio conversion down in Florida.) He said, a few years ago, people were paying huge amounts for a patent plate that showed the "L" color code on a '64 Thunderbird. Turns out, he was right.

        Not evident, is the ability to swing the steering wheel to the right, giving the driver more leg room to enter/exit. I love how that top retracts. - Dave
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        • jackbird60
          • Nov 28 2008
          • 124

          Love that color! That's what I decided to paint my 66 convt bird. Yes, I know it was a color offered on the 64. It was also offered on the Mercurys, it wasa called Bittersweet.

          It's already in the process, but not sprayed yet. Decided on that color after seeing that car a week ago.



          • SandyBoy
            • Oct 31 2002
            • 836

            You mentioned 1959's "Flamingo Pink" ~

            In 1986, I ordered a new 1986 Lincoln Mark 7
            and I wanted that color. I had heard that 1986
            was thr FINAL model year, that FoMoCo would honor
            and build a 1-off for a private individual.
            It took some time, but I got the car. My selling dealer
            sold me the car at his INVOICE, if I allowed him to
            keep the car for a month, white he placed it outdoors
            (only during open for business hours, otherwise,
            inside.) The car actually created traffic jams, and the town's
            police requested that he remove it. On a Saturday,
            in nice weather, the car pulled in a good 25 "lookers".

            I found that once I had it, I was ALWAYS defending my purchase,
            due to it's color. Teenage guys would call out their car's
            windows calling me not very nice names, especially 2 words
            that ryme with Hey bagg-it. I got sick of it. I sold it to
            yet another married man in Phila., Pa. and he still has it, and it's still
            100% perfect with ultra low mileage. It's interior is maroon learher
            and it has every option that was available!
            It's now become the "Mascot" of the Phila. branch of the
            group that fights woman's breast cancer, and is featured
            in their parades, AND the car has been on television !
            The bodyside moulding & pin stripe were done AT THE FACTORY,
            in Maroon, to match the interior.

            Here's my car's picture:-

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            • my61brd
              • Jun 4 2009
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              So I was at the Weekly "Get Together" today,and this is at the show....

              I didn't get to talk to the owner,they were MIA every time I went back to the car to ask if I could look at the Data Plate.
              The hunt is on for the owner....