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  • Petrolhead
    • Jul 2 2007
    • 403

    Thanks Victor

    We're a bit embar****d about the website, it's outdAted and very basic. We employed a web designer to do us a site that had online ordering for subscriptions and merchandise, a huge chunk of money later it ended up in their 'too hard basket' and we're out of pocket. The site that's up now is temporary, until we find a new web designer that can actually deliver on what they promise..


    • Coral

      • Apr 3 2009
      • 1132

      I might be able to help you with that....

      I know a couple of folks that do web design...will have to hunt up the info....


      • scumdog
        • May 12 2006
        • 1523

        Originally posted by Petrolhead
        Thanks Bill!

        I tell ya, I don't why I'm in NZ in winter (:

        It was 11 degrees C at home in Auckland on Monday, in Surfers it was 25 which is normally where our summer's at. I did think it odd that I was the only bod in the surf...

        Perth does sound tempting...

        Here's Surfers beach in the middle of an Aussie Queensland winter
        About this time last year i was swimming at the same spot.

        You could tell I was a Kiwi 'cos all the Aussies thought the water was too cold!
        A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


        • Penelope
          • Mar 4 2008
          • 670

          Tom, it never ceases to amaze me how some people are happy to swim in what others would call cold water. Up in Broome, we have Cable Beach which is world famous and from May to November you wont see one local in the water. It is our tourist time though (dry season) with temperatures of 31 to 33C everyday, (but the water is COLD) and the toursits just flock to the beaches and spend all day in the surf. If only some of them knew we had lots of sharks and ample crocodiles not 2 kilometers away from where they swim!!

          We do have lotsa Kiwi's up here too!
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