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    We went to the wrecking yard called Memory Lane in Wilmington CA today to have a look for a few parts for my sons cars and I noticed a number of T-Birds there.

    2 squarebirds, one 1960 and a 1959 with a 60 grill, about 7 bullet birds and the same number of flairbirds all in varying stages of pulling apart and decomposition (sadly). The squarebirds were pretty sad but some of the flairbirds and bullet birds have good parts on them.

    The owner seems a fair type of person and I dare say would help with shipping if required, in case John Draxler didnt have what you are looking for.

    2 days left in the USA and back to the land of Oz for us.
    Thunderbird Registry 21903 & 33405

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    Went to the Memory Lane wrecking yard in Sun Valley (not to far from Burbank) in '05 for a power-steering dip-stick for my then just-bought '66 Landau, man there were some cool old cars being wrecked there.

    (The dipstick turned out to be the wrong one, had to buy one new from one of the regular T-bird parts suppliers, dang!)
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