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Anyone here like RatRods?

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  • Anyone here like RatRods?

    Here is a rat rod a very good friend of mine built over the last 5 months.

    He started with just the 32 Ford body. I have yet to ride in it, but I hear it is scary fast, twitchy and a handful to drive.

    The motor is a small block pulled from a race car that ran locally.

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    Hi yep, I'm really into traditional style cars, this is way cool

    Loved the drilled steering arm, radius rods, chassis rails ec

    I think it might be a Model A tudor body though.

    I'm also a big fan of old school pinstriping, the work on this tudor is awesome



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      Very cool. Where's El Guapo? He'd love that thing.
      DGS (aka salguod)
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        Love it!
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          Here is the first one he built, this one was a dodge I believe

          And you could be right about it being a model a tudor, I was remembering him telling me it was a 32 ford, I am afraid my knowledge doesn't go well in that direction

          This one he sold on ebay, with a carb that I found in the trunk of my 65 special


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            Now, that's equally cool

            Similar build style, and front end set-up, same wheels, as the tudor, cowl steer etc. Stance and style is awesome. Lovin it!


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              Okay, so what do you think of this idea...

              Take this old boy, drop a 460 in it and a good auto(can an aod work?) lower it way down and chop the roof a bit, run duals in the rear, not mess with the color, leave the paint the way it is.

              run some wire truck wheels if possible in say yellow or another set of those rims on there setup as duals.


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                Gotta leave the moss on that old Stude too!

                I'd go with a four-speed (can't beat three pedals) though


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                  Love those examples of rat-rods - and they look more road-worthy than a few I've seen on New Zealand roads too!!

                  And the gold-flake scallop paint, the "Fool" made to look like "Ford" etc all add to the character and appeal.

                  My only negative comment is that generally tie-rods out the front of beam axles can lead to some 'interesting' understeer at times....
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