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Aussy Fires

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  • tbird430
    • Jun 18 2007
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    Aussy Fires

    I just thought I'd start this thread as I know we have some friends from the land "down under" on our site. I wanted to let you all know I have been thinking about you guys. I pray each day that neither you nor any of your family members have been effected by these fires.

    It is a true shame if your government finds these fires were started by an arsonist in your own country.

    In short, I just wanted to give other members here, who might also be thinking about you & your country, a chance to speak out as I have done.

    Our hearts & prayers reach out to you...... STAY SAFE FRIENDS.

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  • Petrolhead
    • Jul 2 2007
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    Thank you Jon

    I'm in New Zealand, right next door to Australia and we too are deeply shocked and saddened by the horrific fires.

    The terrible news is that one town is still closed off as the scenes are horrific, and there could be another 100 people unaccounted for, who lost their lives and their bodies are still in the town.

    I echo your sentiments and extend my sincere symathy to all those affected by the fires



    • Petrolhead
      • Jul 2 2007
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      Out of all the horror and images of the devastation of houses and people, this pic of a koala on the Australian The Age newspaper website is so sad in its own way.
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      • scumdog

        • May 12 2006
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        A very bad scene and one that seems to have no end - the body count is rising all the time.

        A real heart-wrencher for a lot of people, such as the guy at work who was in a safe area who was phoned by his wife who was trapped with their two children by the fire, all three died shortly after their phone-call to each other ended - he could hear her crying etc....tragic, bloody tragic.

        (She was a hot-rodder from the North Island of NZ who had moved to Aussie when she got married.)
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        • Penelope
          • Mar 4 2008
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          I am on the other side of the country from the bushfires but I can tell that EVERYONE I know has been personally touched by this tragedy in some way, if not directly with friends or family.

          If they find the idiots who started some of the fires, they will only need to sentence them to a few days in jail as the inmates will complete the justice such is the anger that has been unleashed.

          I am off to a show & shine tomorrow and I already anticipate that all proceeds will now be directed to the bushfire relief appeal. True Aussie spirit is starting to show with donations of everthing and even the touring New Zealand Cricket Team have donated their match payments from the last match against the Aussies (take a bow Alistair & Tom, your boys did you proud).

          I just hope that the firefighting teams get some releif from the weather soon and the remaining fires are brought under control.
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