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  • 6TB1RD
    • Apr 9 2006
    • 382

    6TB1rd is back

    (Hay all the 6TB1RD is back)

    I did not have to sell my baby,

    God smiled down on me, and blessed me with a nice settlement payment.

    I hope to start spending a little more time here with all You again, I missed out on a lot so I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with the happenings.

    The old B1RD is still running great, now that I can get the insurance back on her I will get to drive it more, but it's been raining for three days straight and whippers are still sitting on the shelf in the work shop.

    well hope to spend time getting to know all the newbies here on the greatest T-Bird sight on the web.

    Oh by the way welcome to all you new T-Bird owners, there is allot of knowledge here for you to learn from.

    and I must say it's good to be back
    George (Papa of 9)
    1960 H/T :rolleyes:
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  • bcomo
    • Sep 23 2005
    • 1223

    Hey George:

    I'm glad to see you back again, and the avatar of your raven black 60 HT.

    I kind of have a warm spot to that color LOL.
    1960 Hard Top/430
    Thunderbird Registry Number 1231


    • Dan Leavens
      Moderator / Administrator

      • Oct 4 2006
      • 6320

      George great to see you back on the site and that you were able to keep your beauty.We all had hoped that your listing of your 60 on Craiglist was just a temporary thought and you had many more years of crusin. Your contribution to our site is appreciated.

      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
      Thunderbird Registry
      58HT #33317
      60 HT (Sold )