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The Stainless Squarebirds Of 1960

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    The Stainless Squarebirds Of 1960

    I saw the post on the 36 SS Ford and it made me think of SS squarebirds of 1960. I have a picture of it you can email me for, but can't post jpg pics to this squarebirds site. Here's just a little bit of info about the SS birds.

    Best Birding,
    Jed Zimmerman
    58ht 4sale in MN
    THE STAINLESS SQUAREBIRDS OF 1960; the two stainless steel 60`s were produced on Monday, July 11 1960 right after the 60 model run the bodies were fabricated by the Budd co. useing type 302 stainless steel. the trim was made of type 430 stainless. cost was between 25,000 and 30,000 also took more than 1,000 dies to fabricate the 300 + stainless parts. one still sits at allegheany lulum steel co. with the serial # of 471Y190331. One or both of the SS birds are the property of the Western Reserve Historical Society.
    PS; Squarebirders might also be interested in a picture of a 58 retractible that I have in my archives. I have 2 pics; one is of the actual car showing the roof line breaks and the other is a picture of the clay make up full size design of the same car.
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    pics posted

    I took Mike Lemmon's advise and did the fototime thing and posted the SS squarebird pics, the retractable pics and a few other custom bird pics to I will revisit the fototime site later and more fully develop the site with some seat foam pics and other stuff. Thanks for the advice Mike.

    Best Birding, Jed Zimmerman


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      allegheny ludlum steel SS fords

      Go to allegheny ludlum steel webpage to read about the fomoco SS cars