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Steering wheel resto cost misquote

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  • Anders
    Got my steering wheel back together with rear seat foam.
    The steering wheel look just brand new, and the foam seems to be perfect. Can´t wait until I put these back in the car.
    THANKS Jed!

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic Steering wheel resto cost misquote

    Steering wheel resto cost misquote

    Folks, I believe I may have misquoted several Tbird owners on my cost to restore steering wheels. I know I had emailed with a gentleman in Canada and told him $350 for the wheel resto. Thought that person was Dan, but he told me it wasn’t. Just now can’t find in my archives who that person was. However, I had told Anders the same thing and in finally typing up my msword proposal for him I found that the cost should be $250 instead. So just figured it easiest to make this information available to all on the Squarebird list. The rear seat foams are $350 and the wheel restos are $250. Sorry for any mis-information I had conveyed previously to some folks.

    Best Birding,
    Jed Zimmerman
    ‘58HT still for sale in MN