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The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Tbird CD

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  • Penelope
    • Mar 4 2008
    • 670

    Ray, mine just arrived down under, fantastic. I have watched it twice and am in awe of the work that some of you guys have put in with your cars. It makes me appreciate the base that I started with, in Penelope, even more. And to Ray, I know how many late nights you put in, and although it was a labour of love, I thank you for your dedication.

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    • scumdog

      • May 12 2006
      • 1528

      Got my CD about a week ago, was too busy getting my F100 ready for the Tornados 40th Anniversary run so never had time to watch it then.

      Watched it today and it was great - just need some speakers for the 'puter to hear the sound-track.

      I had forgotten what pics I had submitted so it was a pleasant surprise to see our 'bird there!

      The shot with the railway in the background was taken at Kingston near Queenstown, if you've ever been a tourist in the South Island you would very likely have passed that very place.

      Well done Ray, great CD and now I'm getting a few US$$ to send off for the calender.
      A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


      • YellowRose

        • Jan 21 2008
        • 17179

        The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Tbird CD

        Hi Tom,

        I am glad to hear that you received your copy of the CD and enjoyed it so much. Yes, that is a good picture, I think, with the train cars in the background and the mountains and trees. Thanks for explaining where that picture was taken at. Yup, ya gotta plug some speakers to the pc to hear the music.

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        • Guest

          Got mine in the mail yesterday, and just got done, watching it.
          Wow! Great job, Ray. I hope this will be a regular, annual thing. What a treat sitting here at the office, watching nothing but T-Birds filling my monitor!


          • Anders
            • Jan 19 2008
            • 2213

            Mine will be "On", on this fridays "weekly meeting with cake", as a background, as Itīs "my week"... No one will survive this one
            Will try to bake a cake look like Ruth as well...
            If I succed, I will take a pic, I promice....If, that is...
            sigpic..."Lil darling Ruth":)