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  • 09/11/01

    On this day we pay our respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Remember those who still serve now at home (police, Fire/Rescue, Police, National Guard) and abroad (soldiers, coast guard, airmen, etc). Here we can tell our stories of that day...

    I was at home sick this day (very RARE 4 me). I was asleep and my now ex-wife called me and woke me up, she said to turn on the TV, which I did. I was kinda out of it and thought it was a new movie coming out or something! Then I saw the 2nd plane hit LIVE while I was on the phone with her. I was AWAKE then and up shocked and in dis-belief!! Needless to say, I was out of bed and had recorded 3-4 VHS tapes of Sept. 11th, 2001.

    I will NEVER FORGET.
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    It certainly was a day I will never forget. I live in New York City. As a physician, I volunteered for ER duty my local hospital in Queens that night. Tragically, they never called me, as no casualties arrived.

    I remember the night after the attack vividly. I could not sleep as the emergency vehicle sirens never stopped that night. My neighborhood was covered with fine white dust for days afterward.
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      I was taking my daughter to school that morning and since I never ever watch the news, I didn't hear about it until I turned on the radio. The radio stations here in Oklahoma reported the first plane that flew into the towers as a "navigational accident" - right, if they only knew - and that the FAA was trying to figure out what happened.
      Shortly after that, I arrived at my office where someone had the TV on just in time to see the 2nd jet hit the towers. I said to my co-workers: "THAT was certainly no accident!! We are under attack". I immediately turned around and took my daughter out of school until I had a better handle on what was occurring.
      My wife was on a flight to Washington DC that very morning and I started to get scared when I heard about the Pentagon.
      Luckily, her flight had been grounded in Ohio (she had to switch planes). My best friend had recently moved to Ohio (he is a firefighter in the Air Force) and he was able to retrieve her from the airport - there were no rental cars left by the time the news came out that no flights would be leaving. He drove her to Missouri where a neighbor of mine met her and brought her home.
      The a-holes at the gas stations immediately raised the price at the pump to $4 a gallon and created a panic.
      They were later prosecuted by the State for price gouging.

      Think about traveling anywhere today and you'll soon realize the expense and havoc the terrorists brought upon this country.
      I will never forget OR forgive.


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        My band played 3 shows in New york and New Jersey Oct. of 2000.Had a day off and went to see the statue but missed the last boat,so I decided to go up the tower and have something to eat.What an amazing view from the roof.You really felt like you were on top of the world.360 deg.view of that awsome city and surrounding states.Stayed til dark.
        Broke my heart when I saw the news.Thinking of all the innocent people alot where just kids Working conssesions and tours.
        Played NY again in 06 and went to Groung Zero.Lots of buildings were still skeletons.Wrote a note and posted it.
        Very sad and I know I will never forget!!


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          9/ 11

          The impact and sadness this had on all of us goes without saying. As a Canadian and a neighbour to the north, it hits home the very fabric of our collective democracy. I remember clearly that day just as I remember, meeting with a client the day JFK was shot. As part of the largest unmanned border in the world, we Canadians / Americans were saddened for the loss of lives, the children who lost parents and the impact this terrorism has on our society. Our Calgary firefighters wore their full uniforms yesterday to honour their fallen brethren, some of which were down there a couple of days later.
          Let's hope that these factions are hunted,sought out and punished for these attacks on civilians.

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