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Let's Say Thanks To Alexander For What He Started

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    Let's Say Thanks To Alexander For What He Started

    I Looked At The Member List On A Rainey Day And Saw That There Were 90 Members On The List,of The 90,57 Of Us Listed The The States Which We Live In, We Are scattered Across 25 States,Canada And England And Most Likely If The Other 33 Members Had Listed Their State,this Could Have Been 48 States And Other Countries
    Just Think Of All We Have Learned And Shared With Each Other Since The Beginning And We Owe It All To Alexander, A Man With A Vision And The Love For Old Cars And The Past.
    Bob M
  • frank58
    • May 28 2006
    • 524

    all I can add is "hear, hear"


    • SandyBoy
      • Oct 31 2002
      • 836

      Yes, Yes. When one has Alexander for a friend....they have a REAL friend.


      • Alexander
        • Oct 30 2002
        • 3321

        Over 10,000 posts in the Squarebirds Technical

        I am glad that so many people enjoy coming to this message board on a regular basis. I would like to thank everyone who contributes to this site with their posts and donations. I could not do it alone.

        This weekend, we have passed the 10,000 post mark on the Squarebirds Technical forum. This is a milestone.
        1959 Hard Top
        1960 Golde Top


        • Dan Leavens
          Moderator / Administrator

          • Oct 4 2006
          • 6420


          Bob your post about thanking Alexander could not have come at a better time. As he mentioned sometime over theweekend we had over 10,000 posts which is remarkable. What is also remarakble, is the diverse backgrounds, all of us have to this forum. Consider we have a math professor,physician,mecahnic
          retirees and so on that make up our membership. It also serves for the many " newbies" and by no means, do I mean any inexperience, to be taught in the art of restoration much like I was.This information is not only valuable but in most cases can save a lot of $$$

          This forum serves as an unlimited knowledge bank, to help with the restoration or repair of our cars. It also allows all of us to ask questions, submit answers and more importantly start up a bond with a common goal CARS. I for one, who is not mechanically inclined, have learned a tremendous amount of information that on occasion have printed a given to my guy for reference for some work that is being done.

          Having owned classic cars B4 I for one, can tell you that there are not many forums of this caliber. There is not a day that goes by when there is not someone posting, answering or just letting us know about something. To have 50 people online in one day, speaks volume about our forum and the quality of people that not only run it but participate in it on a daily / weekly basis.
          Alexander Kudos to you and keep it going.

          Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
          Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
          Thunderbird Registry
          58HT #33317
          60 HT (Sold )


          • byersmtrco
            • Sep 28 2004
            • 1839

            AGREED !!!

            Thanks as always Alexander. I read it dailey(unless I'm away from a computer). May not always log on, but just check it.
            I've yet to see anyone with the vast knowledge you have about these cars.