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Bill Pugnetti ~ FINSRIN Video!

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Bill Pugnetti ~ FINSRIN Video!

    Bill Pugnetti ~ FINSRIN, sent me an email of him doing the Rod Run To The End Of The World 2013 Friday. You will see him in his Caddy twice in the video, at 2:45 & 5:25. A 15 minute video of a lot of great classic vehicles!​ At the start of the video I see a Red 1957 Chevy just like the one I used to own decades ago... Thanks for sharing, Bill!

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    • Aug 7 2010
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    '59 Cadillac is one of those 'find' stories. 1987 found it in chicken coop behind house of fella who passed away. Looked used but okay. Went home and brought back air tanks, battery charger, starting fluid, cans of fresh gas, oil, ATF, brake fluid, hand tools. While battery charged, we aired tires and topped off fluids. Figured a long shot to maybe start and then to maybe drive. After couple tries and sputtering it settled into running decent. Tried driving out of coop and around the yard. To our surprise it worked. Trans went in gear and steering worked without creepy noises. With a few tries around yard the brakes seemed okay for easy drive home of ten miles. Made it home. Fixed this-n-that as needed and years later did repaint. Minor rust. Could say was a half restoration.