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Powder coating and oil pans

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  • Eric S

    • Jun 10 2018
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    Powder coating and oil pans

    I am powder coating parts and when I coat oil pans it's always difficult as I mask with tape but this leaves cured glue residues and I spend too much time cleaning that.

    I guess it's better not to paint the inside of the oil pans but it would be much easier and faster to paint the whole part.
    Is it possible?
  • jopizz

    • Nov 23 2009
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    It's better to clean glue residue then replace your engine when paint chips off and clogs your oil pump. No auto manufacturer that I know of paints the inside of the oil pan so why would you do it?

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    • Eric S

      • Jun 10 2018
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      You are just confirming what I thought. I never saw a painted oil pan and was concerned about paint chips in the system.
      As I know close to nothing, I prefer to ask...


      • simplyconnected
        • May 26 2009
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        The only paint Ford uses inside engine parts is 'marking paint'. Even then, it's used sparingly like on valve springs etc., so we can confirm which parts were installed. Do not paint any part of the inside of your engine. Ubiquitous overspray should be masked off. - Dave
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