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Cruise To Hemi Hideout, Brookshire, TX Saturday, May 21st!

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  • Cruise To Hemi Hideout, Brookshire, TX Saturday, May 21st!

    I have set up a Cruise to tour the John Hovas ManCave, Hemi Hideout, in Brookshire, Texas west of Houston on the date above. There are 6 Tbird Clubs across Texas joining us, and all meeting at 10:30AM, that Saturday morning at his ManCave to line up our Tbirds in front of it for picture taking. Then at 11:30AM we take the self-guided tour of his Hemi cars, old Tractors and a fortune in collectable oil, gas, auto signs, coke machines, juke boxes, and a 50's style Soda Shop. It has nothing to do with Thunderbirds, but a lot to do with all the other things! IF anyone in the Texas area would like to join us on this Fun Cruise or meet us at the Hideout, please let me know ASAP for full details. It is not to late and I can provide you with more details if necessary. The location is: 1172 Wilpitz Rd, Brookshire, 77423. At Noon, John Hovas will speak to us for about 20 minutes. The tour ends at 1:30PM and we will drive back home. It is about a 2 1/2 hour, 160 mile drive from San Antonio, and further from other parts of Texas. Those in North Texas are driving down on Friday and staying at local Hotels. I have a list of them, if needed. Those of you in the San Antonio area can join us as we Cruise together. I can give you details on that. They WILL have a food truck - under cover - available (at your expense) that they have used in the past and they have a very good selection of very good food I am told. Donation for the tour is $10each, which they donate to one of his 7 charities. No children under 12 allowed. We have 2 Houston Tbird Clubs, the Austin ATO Little Bird Club, the North Texas Big D Little Bird Club will also join the members of the 2 San Antonio Tbird Clubs. Presently, we have about 40-45 Tbirds, plus some in their daily drivers making this Cruise. This Tour has been set up by the Hemi Hideout especially for us. It is not a place (that I am aware of) that you can just show up and take a tour. Below are a couple video's of the Hideout so you can see what his ManCave looks like. I want to thank our Canadian Administrator, Dan Leavens, who months ago told me about this place. Since then, I have been busy putting this State wide Cruise together in my "spare" time. I have been by Brookshire on my way to Houston hundreds of times over the decades and never knew it existed. Here are some video's to enjoy!

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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