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Fan Shrouds For Tbirds

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Fan Shrouds For Tbirds

    Because this subject covers a number of years of Tbirds, 1958-1966, I am putting this information here for all to read. Randall Scott ~ 60birdaussie recently bought a fan shroud advertised as being for a 1961-1963 Bulletbird and installed it on his 1960 Squarebird. The interesting thing about it, is that it was NOT a Top/Bottom 2 piece fan shroud that I am familiar with, but a Left/Right one! I never knew there was a Left/Right version available. I gather that it is the metal one advertised on Larry's Tbird website below. Here is what Randall had to say and what I found out regarding fan shrouds for our Tbirds.

    "Hi Ray, as you can see, modified the 61-63 fan shroud, fitted my re-cored radiator and new water pump. Now my temp gauge works as I fitted a new sender, (reads a bit high though). Have pix of how I made up the top combing part of the shroud which I'll send you shortly. I liked the way that someone had done the one with the top/bottom half set up in the TRL better than my half/half left to right set up as the top section already has the hard part of the shroud pressed into it. The halves I got were even the same part number as the top/bottom set, from a T-bird vendor here. Cheers, Randall."

    Here is what I have learned about fan shrouds after Randall sent me the above...

    I had never heard of the Left/Right version of the Fan Shroud before until Randall, Down Under, told me that he found one locally there, that came from Larry's Tbird & Mustang parts! He bought it and installed it on his 1960 Tbird.

    Years ago when I went looking for one for my '59 Tweety Bird, I found a metal Top/Bottom version on eBay that said it was for a 1961-1963 Bulletbird, and bought it. It worked great for me! However, having just looked at The Bird Nest website and talking with Don, he told me that they never made a metal fan shroud for the Squarebirds or the Bulletbirds. They DID make a metal one for the Galaxie's back then, he said. So mine might have come off a Galaxie instead of a Bulletbird. Ford marketed the Galaxie with a variety of engines, including the 352, from 1959-1968, after which they dropped the 352 as an engine choice. The Bird Nest does market a ABS Plastic Top/Bottom fan shroud for the Squarebirds now. Check their website and you will see what they offer now. Search for fan shroud.

    1961-1965 Tbird 2-Piece Metal Left/Right Fan Shroud ~ B8146C

    1958-1960 Tbird 352 Top/Bottom 2-Piece Fan Shroud ~ B8146D. According to Larry's Tbird parts, this is an ABS Plastic version and NOT Metal.

    Here is the pic that Randall sent me and he will be sending more.
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    • Feb 10 2016
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    Tell em thanks for the info...........