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    I received this from a friend...Thanks to Troy Krause of STTC! A little bit of Thunderbird history that you may not know about...

    Did you know...Trying to capture their feeling of the T-Bird in their song 'Fun, Fun, Fun', The Beach Boys sang "And she’ll have fun fun fun, til her daddy takes the T-bird away," describing how fast she was driving that T-Bird in terms of making "the Indy 500 look like a Roman Chariot race now." Let's not forget this song related to a real event, involving Salt Lake resident Shirley England, who borrowed her father's '63 T-Bird. He was a local radio station owner. Remember too, the '63 T-Bird was powered by a standard 390 V-8 engine, delivering 300 horsepower. Did you know the song was based on a real event?

    Did you know...Marilyn Monroe owned a 1956 T-Bird for more than six years. With a raven black paint job, powered by a 312 cubic-inch V8 engine, delivering 225 horsepower, with a top speed of 113 mph, it went under the hammer, fetching a cool $250,000 at auction. Reportedly, some have detected the aroma of Chanel 5, her signature perfume, wafting from the glove compartment. Marilyn's Thunderbird is “not only part of automotive history but comes with an aura of glamour, romance, and tragedy of a true Hollywood legend,"

    SaltLakeCity1963BulletbirdOfFatherOf ShirleyEnglandOfBeachBoysFunFunFunSong.jpg
    Marilyn Monroe In Her 1956 Tbird.jpg
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