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    I have 18 people on my list that were supposed to get me some really good pix to consider for the 2022 Squarebirds Calendar. So far, I will be lucky if I have 2-3... I am about to start to get serious about putting the Calendar together. All of you who I have contacted need to get me some great photographs quickly if you want to be considered... Otherwise, this will be a calendar that I will have to use pix from the past to put out a Calendar. Once again, if you want to be considered, quickly take a look at the two links in the General Discussion Forum on how to pose your Tbird, and how to set your camera to the right settings before you start taking pix... Here are the two links you want to look at... I want to get this to the printer before Thanksgiving... Remember, although it is called the Calendar, it covers ALL Tbirds, who are members of this Forum, as those who have seen it in the past know...

    And to get an idea of how best to pose her, here is the other link...

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