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The Dangers Of Ovarian Cancer That Women Face...

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  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    The Dangers Of Ovarian Cancer That Women Face...

    I realize that this is off the subject of what we usually talk about, but since a good number of our membership are Women Tbird owners, they need to know about this Deadly Disease... So here is the information I wish to share with all of you. Men, put this information before the Women in your lives.. Before viewing her website you may want to have a box of tissue nearby... You may need it as I detail what all she and I went through in the attempts to save her life... I am including my ovarian Cancer Symptoms card with this for you to print out. The color for Ovarian Cancer is Teal. The symbol on this scan looks a little green, but it is Teal.. I just had new cards printed and are giving them out again.

    Some of you know that over 23 years ago, I lost my Beloved Wife and Best Friend, Faye to ovarian cancer. Ever since then, I have dedicated my life to doing whatever I can to bring the dangers of this deadly disease to as many Women as I can. Shortly after her passing, I went back to work as the Mainframe Manager of a large local University here. I soon find myself involved in learning HTML so that I could create a Website in her memory and that would alert Women around the world to the dangers of what is often called "The Silent Killer" for good reason. Many times Women believe the problems or symptoms they may be having are due to going through "The Change Of Life", or other medical problems, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). However, this is NOT necessarily an older Woman's disease. While I was creating her website the daughter of my Lead Computer Operators neighbor died at 21 years of age due to ovarian cancer...

    For over 23 years I have maintained Faye's Educational & Informational Memorial website in her honor. It has been viewed over 400,000 times over those years. During that time, I know that it has saved the lives of several hundreds of Women because they told me so... Because of the website, they were able to detect this disease early on and got immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, there were those who also found it too late, and succumbed to it....

    Her website can be viewed on any Browser. Turn your speakers on so you can enjoy the music on each page and also the page that has a lot of the music that we enjoyed together. Most of them are Midi files, but the opening music is an .mp3 file and should play automatically or if you click on the box next to the music, or right click on it. FireFox does not play the music. Some will download the music for you to play manually. This is a Secure website and here is the link, just as you will see on the card.

    Ovarian Cancer symptoms educational, and informational website in memory of Faye Clark. Lists history of her ovarian cancer, and symptoms. Contains information on ovarian cancer symptoms, links to other ovarian cancer and symptoms websites. Contains many animated .GIF files and music. Best viewed using Internet Explorer 11

    There is a Guestbook at the bottom of the website, if you care to sign it. Please provide all the Women in your life with this information. The life YOU save may be someone YOU Love... Ray
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