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My 22 Year Fight Against The "Silent Killer" ~ Ovarian Cancer..

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  • My 22 Year Fight Against The "Silent Killer" ~ Ovarian Cancer..

    Some of you on this Forum know that I lost my Beloved Wife, Faye, some 22 years ago due to ovarian cancer, known as the Silent Killer... As a result of that, I wrote and created an extensive website detailing what all we went through in trying to save her life. She lived for 3 years after it was finally determined that she had Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer (NOT Irritable Bowel Syndrome as they thought)... Recently, the company that hosted her website for the last 22 years went out of that business and I took quick action to keep the website up and running. After all these years, it now has some 400,000 hits on it, (without any internet advertising) and has been responsible for the saving of hundreds of women's lives because they googled information regarding ovarian cancer, and found Faye's website. They saw they had the symptoms and got to their doctor quickly. It is unfortunate that some women also found it to late and succumbed to it. After learning that her website had been taken down, I had it back up and running again in a couple of days on another web hosting company. For the last week, I have gone through the 9 pages of the website and replaced all the animated Java Applets with animated .GIF files since Java is no longer popular. It is not being supported by most browsers today, (except for IE), and Oracle will not be supporting Java for much longer they say. If you still have IE 11, (which is still available for download) use it to view her website, because it will play the music automatically, or should. The other browsers either do not play them, or will download them to be played manually. You may enjoy all the music that Faye and I grew up with, as many of you have. They are all midi files though, and not .mp3's. The animated .GIF files will play on any browser.

    I would ask of you that you share this with your Wife, your girlfriend (this is NOT an older woman's disease as many people think), because this cancer can and does strike at any point in a woman's life. When I was creating this website 22 years ago, my Lead Computer Operator, who was assisting me in writing it, told me that his next door neighbor's Daughter, died of this disease at age 21... Many women mistake the symptoms as those they often get as they go through the "change of life", or it is thought they have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which has similar symptoms. That can be a terrible mistake to make.. View the symptoms of ovarian cancer with all your women in your family, your women friends. The life you save may be someone who is very dear to you. I would suggest that you have a box of tissue's close by because the story of the History of what we went through can be very explicit. You will probably learn things about me that you never knew also. Since her passing, I have made it my life's mission to alert as many women as possible as to the dangers of this deadly disease. If you have any questions feel free to call me, or PM me. Here is the new link for Faye's Memorial Educational & Informational Ovarian Cancer website. This evening I have secured Faye's website with my server, so here is the new link.
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